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Carnivore vs Omnivore Part 2 of the friendly debate with Chris Masterjohn, PhD.

Chris has a PhD in nutritional sciences, which he earned in 2012, from the University of Connecticut. He then did a post-doctoral fellowship before serving as an assistant professor at Brooklyn College until he decided to leave academia and do research on his own. He currently produces a radical podcast, Mastering Nutrition, writes about all kinds of cool stuff at chrismasterjohnphd.com, trains BJJ and loves his liver and egg yolks. 

Chris’ contact info 

Insta: @chrismasterjohnphd

Twitter: @chrismasterjohnphd

Web: www.chrismasterjohnphd.com

Time Stamps:

8:49 Start of podcast 

9:19 What is a carnivore diet? 

7:39 Nutrition dogma/diet definition

13:15 Is the carnivore diet an ancestral diet or new dietary approach. 

16:10 Latitude effect on diet. 

20:15 Hunter gatherer diets/ethnographic data.

24:00 Did we get shorter due to the advent of agriculture?

26:30 Technology development. 

29:00 Salivary amylase gene/do we need to eat starch?

32:10 Human evolution and salivary amylase gene.

46:00 Carnivore diet as an innovation.

52:00 Is the carnivore diet working due to elimination of all plants or specific plants?

55:50 Why the carnivore diet is the ultimate elimination diet.

57:30 People who do poorly on carnivore diets.

1:00:00 Who should try a carnivore diet?.

1:02:50 What do carnivore diets and keto diets have in common?

1:05:30 Who is a ketogenic diet for?

1:13:50 Do keto diets mimic fasting physiology?

1:17:10 NAD and NADH.

1:22:00 Is ketogenesis taxing on the liver?

1:34:20 Ketosis and longevity.

1:36:30 Why Chris doesn’t believe we should always be in a fasting state physiology.

1:39:00 Paul’s response.

1:45:30 Ketosis and oxidative stress.

1:47:20 Hormones. 

2:02:10 Carbohydrates and fed state signal.

2:04:00 Faster study.

2:05:15 Studies on ketogenic diets and performance.

2:12:10 The Inuit and ketogenesis. 

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