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Reinforce your body and mind. Foundational support for bone and tissue repair, skin health, and mood.

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Reclaim Your Vitality

At Heart & Soil we believe that animal meat and organs are the most nutrient rich foods on the planet, and that they provide all the vitamins, minerals, and growth factors that we need to thrive.

This knowledge has been passed down between generations of our ancestors who have always treasured animal foods above all sources of nourishment. But our predecessors didn’t just eat muscle meat, though a grass fed steak is a delicious part of our diet, this is only part of the equation.

If we truly want to attain optimal health and kick as much butt as possible, eating animals from nose to tail is key. Consuming organ meats in addition to muscle meat provides a complete complement of nutrients and honors the animals we are so blessed to be nourished by.

Simply put, animal foods eaten nose to tail are the ultimate human multivitamin, containing all of the nutrients we need to thrive in the most bioavailable forms without any of the toxins found in plant foods.

Introducing: bone marrow & Liver

Two of the most treasured organs from regeneratively raised, grass fed, grass finished New Zealand cattle in one amazingly powerful supplement.


100% Grass Fed Liver provides critical nutrients to support a robust immune system, overall strength and athletic performance, energy, libido, and weight loss.

Bone Marrow

100% Grass Fed Bone Marrow contains valuable nutrients which support the health of the immune system, brain, heart, blood vessels, and the muscles, as well as blood sugar control and a healthy body composition. 

Nutrients in Bone Marrow & Liver

Key Nutrients in Liver:

  • Contains highly bioavailable forms of fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, K2, which play critical roles in overall immune and bone health.
  • Robust amounts of riboflavin, folate, B12 and choline which are essential for red blood cell formation, as well as immune, brain, reproductive, and cardiovascular health.
  • Rich source of copper, biotin, and CoQ10 which are crucial for overall metabolism, mood, and energy, as well as health of skin, hair, and nails.
  • Liver expressed antimicrobial peptide (LEAP-2), an antimicrobial peptide also involved in glucose metabolism.
  • Hepcidin, a peptide directly involved in iron metabolism as well as the innate immune response.

Key Nutrients in Bone Marrow:

  • Red and yellow bone marrow abundant in peptides, growth factors, and stem cells to promote and support the formation of red blood cells, cartilage cells (chondrocytes), bone cells (osteocytes, osteoblast & osteoclasts), and other vital tissues found throughout the body.
  • Essential fatty acids including omega-3 fatty acids, EPA & DHA which play a critical role in the immune system, brain and cardiovascular health, as well as muscle recovery.
  • Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) supports immune and cardiovascular health, as well as healthy weight management.
  • Alkylglycerols support the immune system and formation of red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets.
  • Adiponectin has been shown to support immune, metabolic, and cardiovascular health.
  • Tissue-specific proteins, hormones, growth factors, and peptides such as LL-37 which show broad antimicrobial activity and are involved in the immune response.

What are Peptides?

Peptides are small molecules composed of less than 50 amino acids that serve valuable signaling roles in the human body.

Our understanding of these compounds is in its infancy, but there is already a large amount of interest in them. These special molecules occur naturally in organ meats.

We believe that these distinctive signaling molecules may underlie many of the unique benefits observed with consumption of organs. Science is finally beginning to unravel the mysteries our ancestors appreciated instinctively.

Ancestral Use Of These Organs

Both liver and bone marrow have been prized by indigenous groups, who often regard them as sacred foods, and prioritize their consumption.

 In The Fat of the Land, arctic explorer Viljalmur Stefansson states of the Inuit, “While meat of any kind is in great demand, it is interesting to note that the liver of any animal is a favorite.”

Stefansson also describes two types of marrow consumed by the Inuit, one from the lower leg which is soft “more like a particularly delicious cream in flavor” and another from the humerus and femur that is “hard and tallowy at room temperatures.”

Native Americans knew how to strike the femur bone so that it would split open and reveal the delicate interior flesh. According to Beverly Hungry Wolf of the Blackfoot tribe, the grease inside the bones “was scooped out and saved or the bones boiled and the fat skimmed off and saved. It turned into something like hard lard.” 

From Seal Blood, Inuit Blood, and Diet, medical and nutritional anthropologist Dr. Kirsten Borre emphasized consumption of liver was particularly treasured for those who were ill within the tribe across many cultures, 

 “The eating behavior of sick people may be exemplified by the case of a 30- year-old woman who complained of headache and depression… She told me she was feeling tired, nauseated, and irritable. She had lost her energy and felt weak and cold… The meat she received included a piece of liver and part of the backbone and hips. The woman ate the liver at once, sharing a bite with her five-year-old child, and cooked the rest as soup which was shared with her family and me. Later that night the woman was smiling and told me she was feeling much better.” - Dr. Kirsten Borre from Medical Anthropology Quarterly, October 2009. 

 Weston A. Price found that for native Indians of Northern Canada living amidst the Rocky Mountain Range, “the successful nutrition for nine months of the year was largely limited to wild game, chiefly moose and caribou.” He also noted that these animals were consumed nose-to-tail, with nothing going to waste, and the bone marrow serving a valuable role within the diet. 

 “The skeletal remains are found as piles of finely broken bone chips or splinters that have been cracked up to obtain as much as possible of the marrow and nutritive qualities of the bones. These Indians obtain their fat-soluble vitamins and also most of their minerals from the organs of the animals. An important part of the nutrition of the children consisted in various preparations of bone marrow, both as a substitute for milk and as a special dietary ration.”  - From Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, by Weston A. Price

Price also added to the notion that liver is truly a prized food for indigenous people. Regarding an African tribe, known as the Nuer, he stated, 

“I learned that they have a belief which to them is their religion, namely, that every man and woman has a soul which resides in the liver and that a man's character and physical growth depend upon how well he feeds that soul by eating the livers of animals. The liver is so sacred that it may not be touched by human hands.” 

 This tribe embodied the image of optimal health with many women being of six feet tall and the men six to seven feet in stature. The food these men and women ate consisted primarily of animal meat and organs. 


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Jim F.
United States United States


The supplements are fantastic always “ate” what i thought was clean great grass fed meat bison,beef, chicken, turkey free range, salmon ,halibut cut out veggies and bread and using the beef organs during the day in lieu of sandwich etc gives me great energy and dont have hunger pangs. Energy is great. My work schedule is rigorous and physical. Thanks for the great work Doc

Andrea S.
Canada Canada

Blood Builder and Liver and Bone Marrow Supplements

I am so happy to have found such a high quality and unique set of products that address my needs of chronically low ferritin and overall good health as a peri-menopausal woman. I am a very health conscious keto/carnivore female and have incorporated liver and bone broth into my diet on a fairly regular basis over the past year or so. I feel secure taking these supplements, that I don't need to worry if I am not eating specific foods frequently enough, I am still getting the vital nutrients and enzymes needed. I trust Dr. Saladino - his knowledge is vast and I feel secure in his dedication to finding quality ingredients to pass along to consumers.

Kenneth G.
United States United States

Excellence is difficult to find… Look no more...

I’m a purist, a pursuer of perfection and I expect the same from purveyors of products. It seems Heart & Soil and met my standards. I noticed a difference with the products, subtle but profound. Many thanks to those who put forth the extra effort to make these products available. Highest Regards, David

United States United States

Radically Beneficial Supplements

These are some of the best supplements I have ever taken! I've been following the carnivore diet for roughly 6 months now - I started out trying to eat non-desiccated liver, and found out quickly that it was hard get down and stomach. With the H&S desiccated Bone Marrow and Liver capsules, I'm able to get that awesome nutrition without the "bite" that comes with eating liver in its original form. Will definitely be buying more of this supplement, and will look into trying some of the other supplements in CarnivoreMD's product line soon!

Nicky B.
Australia Australia

Bone Marrow and Liver - feel awesome

Love these products - more energized, less histamine reactions, good mental clarity.