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Once daily supplements

Capsules made from nutrient-rich, natural organs that provide everything your body needs for optimal health.

Made from treasured organs

Grass-fed. Grass-finished. And better for you. Organs are the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet.

Good for everyone

Regenerative practices heal the land, and nourish our animals so that we may be deeply nourished in turn. Go ahead, restore your health (and the earth).

Reclaim your birthright to radical health

Vitality. Strength. And vigor!

Animal foods nourish your body the most.

In fact, you can get every vitamin, mineral, peptide, protein, and growth factor that your body needs to thrive by consuming animals nose to tail. Talk about living your best life!

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Good for you. And the planet.

We source ingredients from pristine New Zealand farms. Regenerative farms, of course. Because when we nourish our soil and animals, they nourish us even more.

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Nourish your body richly, so you can live a richer life.

Heart & Soil was founded by Paul Saladino, MD (aka Carnivore MD). He's helped tens of thousands of people reclaim their health through an animal-based diet.

He pours his heart into Heart & Soil. You'll feel the difference.

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Dave Asprey

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Dr. Mercola

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Mark Sisson

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Robb Wolf

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