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Wisdom of our Ancestors

Our ancestors were physically active in their 70’s! Overall, they were healthier and stronger than we are today. What was their secret? Eating animals nose to tail.

The hunt, as you can imagine, was challenging so no part of the animal went to waste. Our ancestors especially treasured organs—like liver, heart, kidney, and spleen.

Organs are the most nutrient-rich foods on the planet. You can get 100 times more nutrients from organs compared to muscle meats! They include everything your body needs to thrive: vitamins, minerals, peptides, proteins, and growth factors. That’s why our ancestors were strong, virile, and vital! That’s how they thrived generation after generation in the world’s harshest environments. And that’s why we’re making treasured organs easily accessible.

Ancestral use of organs

Animal-Based Eating

We believe that the nutrients we put into our body have the biggest effect on our well-being and determine how much ass we kick day in and day out!

That’s why our founder, Dr. Paul Saladino, wrote the best-selling book, The Carnivore Code, and why he recommends people reclaim their health by eating animals nose to tail.

Animal foods are the most nutrient-rich on the planet. They nourish your body completely. And they’re a must have in your diet if you want health and vitality!

Animal-Based Eating Guide

This land does not belong to you, but it is you who belongs to this land.


We source all of our our organs from regenerative farms that improve the health of the ecosystem and sequester carbon to help fend off climate change.

We love and nourish the land and the animals, so that they love and nourish you even more.

We put our heart into caring for the soil and the animals. We support regenerative agriculture from farms in New Zealand and the United States.

This is why we believe so deeply in only sourcing from animals raised in ways that respect our most primordial grandfathers and grandmothers - the oceans, trees, soil, air, and animals of this planet who all deserve our utmost gratitude and deepest reverence.

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Paul Saladino

Meet our founder

Paul Saladino, MD, is a board certified physician and nutrition specialist and completed residency at the University of Washington. He attended medical school at the University of Arizona focusing on integrative medicine and nutritional biochemistry.

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The Carnivore Code

In the tradition of bestsellers like The Plant Paradox and The Keto Reset Diet, The Carnivore Code reveals the shocking truth about so-called healthy foods, and presents a complete program to reclaim your health with the true ancestral diet.

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