We are a tight knit tribe who believe that as humans, we have forsaken our ancestral birthright to radical health by becoming overly domesticated.

We’ve become “Civilized to Death” as Chris P. Ryan might say, and in the process we’ve lost so many incredibly valuable aspects of who we are; our health, our sense of adventure and risk, deep connections with other humans and with animals, and our connection with the natural world.

This has left us weaker and in pain in so many ways- physically, emotionally and socially. Heart & Soil is part of our rebellion against this tide. It is our passionate battle cry against the way that our food system has become deeply corrupted and devitalized by processing of foods and bad science that has falsely demonized animal foods as somehow harmful to humans when nothing could be further from the truth.

Introducing: The Carnivore code

If you’ve been led astray by the mainstream propaganda vilifying animal foods, and especially red meat, I would urge you from the bottom of my heart to read my book, The Carnivore Code. On its pages are my own blood, sweat and tears shed so that my family and your family might find a path to the health and happiness that we all deserve while we walk this earth.

On the first pages of the book you’ll find that I dedicated it first to my family, and second to all of my patients. I can honestly tell you that after writing the book over the summer and fall of 2019 and finally penning those final words of dedication while on a plane, I cried tears of joy and tears of hope that the ideas within that book would find those who needed them and replace some of their suffering or dis-ease with deeply felt happiness and vigor. I also cried knowing and hoping that those words would improve the health of my own parents, my sister, and perhaps one day serve as a guide for my niece Makayla, and nephew Luke in their own health journeys. Even now as I share these thoughts with you, the emotions are palpable and there are tears in my eyes.

But a book can only do so much. The Carnivore Code is just words on a page- you can’t eat it, or feed it to your family (well, I suppose you could, but it wouldn’t do you any good!). Heart & Soil is the ideas and hopes of my book brought to life. It is the highest quality nose to tail nourishment, from the best animals on the planet, made real, and made convenient and portable for those who can’t get organ meats, or aren’t ready to venture into these unique foods just yet.


One of the great tragedies of separation from the ways of our ancestors, the loss of their sacred knowledge and ways of life, is that for many of us, organ meats like liver, heart, kidney, or spleen are foreign to us, and we just can’t stomach them. But these are the foods that sustained our predecessors and allowed them to be strong, virile, and vital individuals who persisted for generation after generation in some of the harshest environments on the planet, or in the face of challenging physical tasks (have you ever tried to hunt without a gun, or stalk animals in the wilderness? It’s incredibly difficult!).

Sure, muscle meat is nutritious, and eating foods from animals that we are all familiar with like steak, eggs or bacon, is an amazing step in the right direction, but this is only part of the nutritional story, and it’s exceedingly clear through nutritional research that these foods provide only a part of the vast array of peptides, vitamins, minerals, and growth factors that we need to TRULY thrive as humans.

If you’ve read my book (chapter 8), you’ll also know that plant foods can’t fill this void either as so many of the nutrients they contain aren’t very bioavailable or are in forms that we don’t use in human biochemistry. In order to obtain ALL of the nutrients we need to be the WARRIORS we were born to be, organ meats are ABSOLUTELY REQUIRED, and our ancestors have always known this and treasured them.

We’ve gone to great lengths to share detailed information on the pages of all of our products - Bone Marrow & Liver, Beef Organs, Blood Builder, and Fire Starter - about why it’s so important to consume these organs, the unique vitamins and minerals they contain, and how these nutrients are crucial part of become the most kick-ass humans we can be.


At Heart & Soil, we believe that the time has come to reclaim our ancestral birthright of optimal health by gathering the nutrition we need by once again eating animals nose to tail, just like our ancestors have always done. But this is only part of the story, as I state in The Carnivore Code, and echo here, if we truly hope to attain optimal health, we must not only eat like our distant grandfathers and grandmothers, we must LIVE like them too!

For all of us at Heart & Soil, this means a deep commitment to daily movement, connection with the earth, and perpetual gratitude and reverence to the spirit of the natural world that surrounds us.

To help you understand what this looks like in practice I’ve included some videos describing how I eat in a day, how I workout, and what a typical day of playing in nature looks like for me.


This is how I eat in a day. As you’ll see, organ meats are a huge part of my diet. In addition to regeneratively raised meat, I eat liver, heart, spleen, kidney, pancreas, testicle, heart, bone broth and bones almost every day. Though the desiccation process, which you can read about in more detail here, preserves the vast majority of the nutrients in our complex supplements, if you can eat organs raw or cooked- do that!

Our supplements are meant to be a bridge for you and your family to eating as many organ meats as possible and eating them as fresh as possible. I take our supplements every day as an adjunct to the fresh organs I am also eating, and I find them particularly useful when I am traveling or on the go.

This is the beauty of the desiccated organ capsules! I hope you find this video useful, and please let me know what you think of my steakdance! ;)


This is how I workout in the gym. I’d rather be outside but some days the iron paradise is where I train. I prefer functional movements, and want to be strong, as well, as supple and quick. Since moving to Texas I've also gotten back into Jiu Jitsu- I missed this! 


This is how I play outside when I’m not working. As you can surely tell from these videos, movement and connection with the natural world is incredibly important to me. Even as a child growing up in the suburbs of Northern Virginia I found the most joy when I was outside. I’ve often looked back on this time and wished that we lived in an area with more true wilderness but even with the small pockets we had I found my adventures and was able to connect with something bigger than me.

If that sounds woo, you’ve probably not spent enough time in the wilderness. I strongly believe that any human that chooses to place themselves in such a natural environment reasonably far from the trappings of modern society and remain quiet for a bit will feel something bigger them in the wilderness around them that can be connected with...


“When the blood in your veins returns to the sea, and the earth in your bones returns to the ground, perhaps then you will remember that this land does not belong to you, but it is you who belong to this land.”


These words from some nameless soul who has walked the earth before all of us serve as a constant reminder to both you and I that we belong to the earth and will one day return to it.

This is why we believe so deeply in only sourcing from animals raised in ways that respect our most primordial grandfathers and grandmothers - the oceans, trees, soil, air, and animals of this planet who all deserve our utmost gratitude and deepest reverence.

This is also why we are so passionate about supporting regenerative agriculture from farms in New Zealand and eventually from farms on our homelands here in the United States, who are raising animals in accordance with these principles. We believe that this is the best way to show our respect for the land and animals that nourish us and our families.

If you’d like to learn more about regenerative agriculture and the farms we source from in New Zealand you can learn about it here.


Eating animals nose to tail provides us with all of the nutrients needed to thrive
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