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Ask Me Anything #1

Nathan Owens joins me again for this action packed episode. I’ll be doing one AMA per month or so in the future! 

Time stamps: 

9.45 Start of Podcast

10:25 Nathan’s unifying theory of heart disease. 

12:05 Gut health and heart disease.

14:50 What about the arteries suggested LDL was not the cause of disease?

15:30 Cholesterol ester crystals.

16:30 Endothelial progenitor cells 

19:15 Citizen Science Foundation.

21:15 What are the biggest factors that lead to atherosclerosis?

22:42 Survey of metabolic dysfunction (America).

25:25 Game changers: Were gladiators vegan?

26:45 Game changers: Inaccurate epidemiology.

35:05 Game Changers: Flow mediated dilatation.

41:05 Game Changers: Flow mediated dilatation experiments

 53:42 Game Changers: Neu5gc.

1:02:33 Is iron overload a problem with a carnivore diet?

1:12:35 Paul’s upcoming book.

1:19:15 Microbiome and the carnivore diet.

1:25:15 Potassium/sodium supplementation.

1:35:25 Marty Kendall nutrient optimizer rebuttal. 

1:50:15 Carnivore diet and gallstones.

1:54:30 Thoughts on “other” foods (mushrooms, honey, seaweed, insects).

1:59:35 Fueling recommendations for long distance bike rides.

2:01:40 Testosterone levels on a carnivore diet.

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