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A carnivore diet for cancer? With Dr. Al Danenberg

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“Dr. Al” Danenberg is a periodontist and was in private practice for 44 years. He

incorporated ancestral nutrition & lifestyle with his leading-edge laser protocol to treat

periodontal disease. In September 2018, he retired from the practice of treating individual

patients. However, he still consults with patients by phone, Skype, or Zoom regarding

nutrition, lifestyle, oral and overall health, and the importance of a healthy gut.

Dr. Al received advanced training in evolutionary nutrition from the Kripalu Center for

Yoga and Health as well as The Center for Mind-Body Medicine.

 In June 2014, he receivedhis Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner (CFMP) designation as well as hiscertification as a Certified Primal Health Coach. In 2015, Dr. Danenberg was appointed tothe faculty of the College of Integrative Medicine and created the college’s integrativeperiodontal teaching module. Then, in April 2017, he earned the designation of “ADAPTTrained Health Professional” from Kresser Institute. In July 2017, Elektra Press released Dr.Danenberg’s book, “Crazy-Good Living”, which is based on ancestral nutrition and lifestyle.

On April 14, 2020, Dr. Danenberg was appointed the Chair of the Periodontal Committee

for the IABDM. He also created the Certification Program for Biological Nutritional Dental

Professionals offered by the IABDM.

Dr. Danenberg can be contacted from his website – https://drdanenberg.com/contact/

Time Stamps:

  • 1
  • 8:04 Start of Podcast
  • 8:29 Al’s Story
  • 25:49 Al’s current diet 
  • 32:39 Processed carbohydrates.
  • 33:34 Pitfalls of Western medicine ideology.
  • 39:24 Periodontal health and diet. 
  • 48:13 Does everything start in the mouth? 
  • 53:46 Plaque and dental health.
  • 56:40 Over Sanitization.
  • 57:54 Is mouthwash good for you? 
  • 1:01:04 Oral probiotics. 
  • 1:02:54 Ancestral microbiome.
  • 1:05:04 What other than food can damage our microbiome?
  • 1:06:57 Happiness of indigenous people.
  • 1:09:14 Story of one of Al’s patients.
  • 1:16:39 Cheat days.
  • 1:18:59 Xylitol gum and fluoride.
  • 1:22:28 Colloidal Silver
  • 1:24:59 How to clean Your teeth 
  • 1:26:24 Honey and dental health.
  • 1:35:14 Multiple myeloma immunology/Al’s regimen. 
  • 1:47:04 Benefits of eating red meat with a cancer diagnosis. 
  • 1:56:24 Spore based probiotics/Al’s regimen continued. 
  • 2:04:04 Why Paul dislikes plant based compounds.
  • 2:07:39 How Al’s health is doing today.
  • 2:11:34 Why Coronavirus is affecting Americans so severely.
  • 2:13:00 Discussing cancer.
  • 2:25:04 The most radical thing Al has done recently.


Honey and Oral Health

Multiple Myeloma

Paleo Medicina Case Studies

Gut Microbiome

Certified Biological Nutritional Dental Professional Course

CDC Obesity Data


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