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CarnivoreMD vs Coronavirus: How to create the healthiest immune system possible

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There’s been so much happening so rapidly recently that I wanted to do a detailed episode about Coronavirus after really digging into the research. As we are able to create more in depth show notes we will post them at 

Time Stamps:

4:55 Shifting the focus away from hysteria and fear.

9;25 What is a coronavirus?

12:00 What is a virus?

13:30 Lifecycle of the Coronavirus (SARS2)

16:40 Binding/docking of proteins of coronavirus.

18:00 What is the ACE2 receptor? Why is this important in relation to hypertension?

24:20 What are the symptoms of COVID19?

26:40 What we can learn from Japan’s response to COVID19?

31:15 How the virus is transmitted.

37:00 Comparison of fatality rate to the Ro

40:10 Who is at most risk of suffering from COVID19?

44:05 How many people will get the virus?

47:30 Paul clarifying statements made on Coronavirus.

52:20 How the virus will impact our healthcare system.

56:42 Flattening the curve.

58:20 Testing for Coronavirus.

1:02:00 Incubation period.

1:03:55 Where did COVID19 come from?

1:06:00 Tracking the virus.

1:11:30 NSAiDS and SARS COV2.

1:14:21 ACE Inhibitors.

1:17:11 Who is most affected by this virus?

1:38:46 How to avoid insulin resistance.

1:42:11 Nutrient adequacy and the immune system.

1:53:46 Nutritional adequacy matters/summary.


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