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How to fix your broken Thyroid for optimal sexual health and weight loss, with Elle Russ

Elle Russ  returns for her second show! She is a bestselling author, TV/Film writer, and seasoned life coach. She is the author of Confident As Fu*k and The Paleo Thyroid Solution – a book which has helped thousands of people around the world reclaim their health. Elle is also the show host for NYT’s bestselling author Mark Sisson’s popular Primal Blueprint Podcast

Time Stamps: 

0:10:44 Beginning of Podcast with Elle Russ

0:12:14 Elle’s Story

0:13:50 The outdated “expertise” of thyroid doctors

0:16:17 Understanding the thyroid & reverse T3,still%20may%20experience%20hypothyroid%20symptoms

0:24:44 Hypothyroidism Chart

0:27:26 Chemistry of Thyroid Hormones

0:29:16 Thyroid Hormone Synthesis

0:30:30 Proper testing for Hashimoto’s thyroiditis

0:31:03 Leveraging Carnivore for Hashimoto’s

0:31:52 Why test for Reverse T3?

0:34:40 Get a comprehensive thyroid panel

0:37:06 Iron’s role in thyroid hormone function

0:39:29 The interconnectedness of organ systems

0:41:56 Treating the whole body

0:43:16 Eat your spleen!

0:45:34 Everything works together

0:48:52 Should we sweat high iron levels?

0:50:29 Improve your orgasm quality

0:51:40 Optimizing sex hormones

0:53:04 Calorie restriction tanks thyroid and metabolic health

0:53:44 Calories in calories out fails

0:55:06 The deionase-selenium relationship

0:57:29 Organ meats are superior sources of minerals

1:00:59 T3 / rT3-Ratio is Associated with Insulin Resistance Independent of TSH

1:01:17 Thyroid function must be interpreted in the context of metabolic status

1:01:52 Insulin resistance reexamined

1:03:17 Thyroid dysfunction and metabolic syndrome are mutually causal

1:06:30 Moving away from the symptom-treatment paradigm

1:07:32 The immense value of functional medicine practitioners

1:10:37 How thyroid health effects your lipids

1:12:49 Thyroid hormone potentiates insulin signaling and attenuates hyperglycemia and insulin resistance in a mouse model of type 2 diabetes

1:14:04 Holistically curing restless leg syndrome

1:15:52 Veganism makes no sense

1:20:17 MTHFR, B Vitamins and organ meats

1:20:26 Why we need organ meats

1:23:52 Expertly dosing thyroid hormone

1:38:54 CarnivoreMD’s thyroid labs

1:41:59 Concentrations of thiocyanate and goitrin in human plasma, their precursor concentrations in brassica vegetables, and associated potential risk for hypothyroidism

1:42:52 Various Possible Toxicants Involved in Thyroid Dysfunction: A Review

1:44:36 Elle Russ’ free thyroid guide and book

1:45:22 Elle Russ keeps it radical on secret hiking trails

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