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How Broccoli is Destroying Your Thyroid! With Elle Russ

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Elle Russ is a bestselling author, TV/Film writer, and seasoned life coach. She is the author of Confident As Fu*k and The Paleo Thyroid Solution – a book which has helped thousands of people around the world reclaim their health. Elle is also the show host for NYT’s bestselling author Mark Sisson’s popular Primal Blueprint Podcast

Elle began her writing career in sketch comedy and is an alumna of the world-famous comedy theater, The Second City – Chicago, and also a main company alumna of the renowned Acme Comedy Theater in Hollywood, where she wrote and performed in over 100 live sketch comedy and improv shows. Her extensive writing resumé includes TV & Film scripts, books, and articles.

Time Stamps:

9:21 Start of the podcast. 

10:16 Elle’s story.

16:21 Birth control and menstrual irregularity.

17;21 PCOS and insulin resistance.

18:41 Crowdsourcing information.

19:21 What Elle discovered during her thyroid issues.

20:11 How the thyroid operates/thyroid hormone T3.

24:31 T4 hormone. 

27:21 Thyroid feedback loop.

32:31 Thyroid and high fat/low carb diets.

33:51 Why thyroid hormones need to be checked by every doctor.

35:18 Psychiatric/cognitive conditions and the thyroid.

41:31 Elle’s story (continued)

42:46 Why giving a patient only T4 is  inadequate.

49:00 Reverse T3 problems.

50:41 Conversion of T4 to T3.

59:31 What can cause hypothyroidism in people?

1:03:01 Oxalate and the thyroid.

1:05:21 Role of dietary iodine and cruciferous vegetables in thyroid cancer: country wide case-control study in New Caledonia.

1:07:41 Toxicity of Cassava.

1:08::57 Concentrations of thiocyanate and goitrin in human plasma: their precursor concentrations in brassicas vegetables and associated potential risk for hypothyroidism.

1:10:01 Cooked vs. raw vegetables.

1:12:15 Goitrogenic/antithyroidal potential in green tea extract in relation to catechins in rats.

1:13:26 Various possible toxicants involved in thyroid dysfunction: a review .

1:16:46 Men and hypothyroidism

1:18:46 Low carb diet and the thyroid.

1:24:21 Are low carb diets bad for the thyroid.?

1:37:45 Where to find Elle’s work.

1:40:06 What is the most radical thing Elle has done recently?

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