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How to make your immune system strong as heck, Part 1 with James DiNicolantionio, Pharm D

Dr. James DiNicolantonio, is a Doctor of Pharmacy and a cardiovascular research scientist. A well-respected and internationally known scientist and an expert on health and nutrition, he has contributed extensively to health policy and has testified in front of the Canadian Senate regarding the harms of added sugars. He serves as the associate editor of the British Medical Journal’s Open Heart, a journal published in partnership with the British Cardiovascular Society, and is on the editorial advisory boards of several other medical journals. Dr. DiNicolantonio is the author or coauthor of over 250 publications in the medical literature. He also is the author of three bestselling health books, The Salt Fix, Superfuel and The Longevity Solution, as well as his newest book, The Immunity fix which you can find here. You can follow him on Instagram and Twitter @drjamesdinic and on Facebook at Dr. James DiNicolantonio. You can visit his website at

Time Stamps: 

0:07:19 Podcast Begins 

0:08:16 The role of animals in pandemics 

0:14:22 Regenerative agriculture will save the world 

0:18:06 The nutrient-density of regenerative beef

0:19:46 The power of sunlight and fresh air 

0:23:29 Salty air and hypertonic salt solutions 

0:28:41 What determines poor Covid 19 outcomes 

0:33:45 Fixing metabolic health with a strict diet.

0:39:10 Should we trust in the Covid 19 vaccine?

0:45:20 How does the immune system get disordered

0:47:29 Relationship between neutrophil-lymphocyte ratio and insulin resistance in newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes mellitus patients

0:49:42 Impact of Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome on Immunity

0:50:17 Understanding cross-sensitivity of coronaviruses 

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