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Issue #19: Halloween: Is it more than a glorified candy festival?

Hey Radical Health Seekers 👋 

This week in your Radical Health Newsletter:

  • How you and your kids can have a radically healthy Halloween;
  • A history of animal-based diets;
  • How Sophie does animal-based;
  • And one of our fave animal-based recipes!

But first…

Tomorrow is Halloween 🎃

Halloween originated as an ancient Celtic festival to celebrate the end of summer.

The Celts believed it was the night that the veil between the Otherworld and our world thinned…

Making it easier for spirits and the souls of the dead to return. 

Those are the spooky origins anyway.

But nowadays, it’s more of a candyfest, with the average trick-or-treater gathering anywhere from 3500 to 7000 calories worth of processed sugar… 

Now thats a terrifying thought.

Here’s how you can begin to reverse that scary trend: 

3 tips for a radically healthy Halloween

#1 Instead of giving out candy to trick-or-treaters, give them buttered dates… or go big and give them some of our supplements!

#2 Arrange to do a “candy buy-back” between you and your kids..

#3 Use Halloween as an opportunity to spend quality time with your kids… get creative and make costumes together… visit a pumpkin farm… tell ghost stories! 👻

Bonus Tip If you truly want to scare people, then tell them the truth about seed oils when they come to the door 😜

But seriously… forget about vampires and goblins…

Because the one thing we ALL universally fear is getting sick or having somebody we love get sick…

That’s exactly what happened to Sal… his story is genuinely scary… and we will be sharing it with you tomorrow. 

So keep an eye on your inbox tomorrow!

Animal-based: the original human diet?

Did you know we’ve been eating an animal-based diet for 99.5%+ of our history?

Because our ancestors first began scavenging and butchering meat at least 2 million years ago…

And until we developed agriculture and started to domesticate plants 10,000 years ago, we occupied the top of the food chain.

So you see, throughout our history, meat and organs have been our primary source of nutrition…

And we still need them in order to reach our biological potential and thrive.

It’s such an important perspective to wrap your head around that we will repeat it…

We’ve been eating an animal-based diet for 99.5% of our history.

The development of agriculture seems to have been less of a step forward into a better world for humanity…

And instead, a desperate attempt to survive in the face of rapidly diminishing numbers of large prey.

And swapping meat and organs for plants was a huge nutritional compromise, with profound consequences…

One of the most telling signs is the stark differences between the jaws of our animal-based ancestors and our grain-based ancestors.

Our animal-based ancestors had a well-formed cranium with a fully developed jaw that easily accommodated all 32 teeth…But in contrast, once we adopted a nutrient-poor grain-based diet, our jaws and even brain began to shrink:

We’ve domesticated ourselves into a corner. 

It began 10,000 years ago with with grains and other plant foods…

And things have taken an even more severe turn in the last 100 years with the rise of seed oils, processed foods, and food-like substances.

Almost everybody is now sick. 

Seriously. Just try find someone who isn’t overweight, who doesn’t have a health issue, and is genuinely thriving…  it’s not easy.

The good news is we can turn this sinking ship around…

But to do so, we must look to our past…

We must return to our species-appropriate animal-based diet.

It begins with each one of us taking control of our own health and being a beacon of light to others.

Will you be a beacon of light?

How Sophie does animal-based

Sophie is our beloved Health Success Program Coordinator here at Heart & Soil. She’s also a Registered Nurse!

I like to vary my meals, but I ALWAYS enjoy eggs for breakfast! 

Lately, I’ve been eating a lot of avocado and ground beef bowls with cheese, green apples with honey, and whole milk greek yogurt with maple syrup.

The #1 benefit I’ve experienced since adopting an animal-based way of eating is fewer digestive issues, and it also does wonders for my skin and hair! 

I fill my days with walks in nature, yoga, meditation, weight lifting, work I enjoy, creative hobbies, books to engage my mind, time with people I love, and long animal-based meals.I also love taking Skin, Hair & Nails daily.

My hair has grown so much since I got a pixie cut just over five years ago when I was a vegetarian!

My biggest piece of advice is to make small swaps. You don’t have to change overnight.

Replace that vegan butter with real butter…

Swap your energy drink for orange juice…

Make a juicy burger instead of a salad.

Be patient with yourself and most importantly, listen to your body! 💜

Introducing the Chaffle

What is a chaffle, you ask?

The term “chaffle” refers to a waffle made with just cheese and eggs.


What you’ll need:

– Waffle maker

– Corn & Soy-free, pasture-raised eggs

– Grass-fed, raw cheese

– Grass-fed ghee or tallow

– Salt to taste


Step 1: The Bun 🧇

  • mix equal parts egg and cheese together with a dash of salt
  • prep waffle maker with a layer of ghee (or tallow)
  • pour egg and cheese mixture into the waffle maker—cook for 1-2 minutes
  • once cooked, place off to the side

Step 2: The Meat 🥩

  • Add your honey drizzled burger patty from earlier!
  • Or turn your patty in to a waffle too: Place a portion of the meat into the waffle maker, press down to cook evenly
  • cook for about 3-4 minutes

Step 3: ENJOY!

Bonus step: Add an extra slice of cheese in the middle to make it a cheeseburger! 🍔

Extra deluxe version: Add corn & soy free, pasture-raised bacon and sliced avocado! 🤤


That’s all from us this weekend 👋

The Heart & Soil Crew

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