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Issue #23: Our guide to a radically healthy holiday season (part 2)

Hey Radical Health Seekers 👋 

and Happy Thanksgiving!

In Part 2 of our guide to a radically healthy holiday season:

  • Our top 5 tips for a healthy Thanksgiving feast
  • and 7 radical things to do this weekend

But first…

This weekend, millions of Americans will look for health & happiness in a cheap tv, processed food, and the latest tv show.

But real health & happiness isn’t found in the midnight queue at Walmart…

It’s found in real food… 🥩

Real conversations with real people… 🧑🏽‍🤝‍🧑🏽

And real adventures in nature ⛰️

This weekend, choose to spend your time and money on something that will truly nourish your body and soul…

Choose to pursue radical health 💪

Our top 5 tips for a healthy Thanksgiving feast

#1 Have a plan

In your last Radical Health Newsletter (11/20) we talked about the Quality of Life Equation, and now might be a good time to revisit it. 

The Quality of Life Equation is a decision-making tool to help you live your highest quality of life possible. 

And your Quality Of Life Equation will be unique to you, and only you can decide the best decision for you based on your circumstances.

Here are some questions it might be helpful to ask yourself:

  • What foods do I wish to avoid completely today? 
  • What is my plan with alcohol?
  • Are there any triggers I need to avoid?
  • What does an ideal version of Thanksgiving look like for me?

#2 Have a sensitive but honest conversation

Sometimes the best thing you can do is talk to your family. Explain why you’ve chosen to eat animal-based, and the benefits it gives you. 

If your family can’t understand why you don’t want to eat processed sugar, grains or seed oils, try framing it as a sensitivity or intolerance.

Case in point:

Sorry Aunt Molly, your bread rolls smell delicious, but I think I have an intolerance to flour. Because any time I eat it, I have an upset tummy for an entire week.


Sorry Aunt Molly, I’m on an animal-based diet and your bread rolls aren’t part of that.

#3 Prioritize protein

Prioritizing protein above other foods will help keep you satiated and less willing to give in to temptations.

Luckily, Thanksgiving feasts usually have tons of protein options, so swap out the veggies for some extra turkey!

#4 It’s okay to say no

Don’t eat to please others. And don’t feel under pressure to eat things you don’t want to eat.

It’s okay to tell a pushy relative that you are full, and it’s okay to decline the seed-oil filled side-dish!

#5 Bring an animal-based Thanksgiving dish

From mashed sweet potatoes to pumpkin ice-cream, animal-based Thanksgiving dishes can be super easy to make. 

And because they taste delicious, they are perfect for sharing with family and friends! 

Our latest blog post 14 Delicious Animal-Based Thanksgiving Recipes (including desserts) has everything you need!

7 ways to pursue radical health this weekend

#1 Unplug with a digital fast

Whether it’s the lure of TikTok or your boss’s emails, we all need time away from our electronics, and the holidays are the perfect time to do this.

So try a digital fast for a few hours (or even days) this weekend, and allow your brain a little time to recharge!

#2 Get into nature

This weekend is the perfect time to get into nature and enjoy the last of the fall colors. Bring your family, friends or dog.

Whether you choose a day-long excursion into the mountains, or a few peaceful hours in your local park, you won’t regret it.

Maybe it will become an annual tradition!

#3 Volunteer

Whether serving the homeless, or spending time with seniors, there are lots of ways to volunteer over the holidays.

And besides being a way to brighten up somebody else’s holidays, volunteering highlights the things we can be thankful for in our lives too.

#4 Reconnect with old friends

If you are back in your hometown, why not reconnect with old friends?

Sure, you may be different people now, but old friends are valuable conduits into our earlier selves.

Not only do they offer us the opportunity to laugh over old times. It’s also an opportunity to take stock of the journeys we’ve travelled.

#5 Get nostalgic

👉 Bring out the childhood boardgames (or Super Nintendo)

👉 Look through the old family photo albums

Pro tip: have some fun and recreate your favorite family photo:

Source and further inspo

#6 Have fun with the kids

Whether with your own kids, grandkids, or nieces and nephews, this weekend is a wonderful time to have some fun with them. 

Jump in the leaves, build a bonfire, teach them Monopoly, or build a fort!

#7 Introduce someone to animal-based

As you share your own animal-based story with friends and family over the holidays, it’s an opportunity to sow the seeds for someone else to begin their own animal-based journey too. 

There’s no need to be pushy, but sharing your experience can often trigger curiosity in people and open the door to further conversation down the line. 

Check out our blog post here for more tips about talking to family about an animal-based diet…

We hope these tips help you to have a radically healthy and happy Thanksgiving! 👋

The Heart & Soil Crew

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