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Issue #24: Introducing your kids to an animal-based diet

Hey Radical Health Seekers 👋 

This week in your Radical Health Newsletter…

  • How to introduce your kids to animal-based foods…
  • 8 animal-based swaps to replace your kids’ favorite processed foods…
  • And one of our favorite animal-based recipes that your kids will love!

But first…

The decline of the American diet

Did you know that up until 1992, McDonald’s were still cooking their french fries in beef tallow? 

Apparently, they’ve never tasted as good since (they’ve also never been as healthy).

This milestone event signaled another major shift in the standard American diet…

From nutrient-rich animal fats, to industrially processed seed oils.

In the early 20th Century, our diet was rich in animal fats like beef tallow, pork lard, milk, cream, and butter… 

In fact, it’s estimated animal fats made up 40% of our total calories…

But today, animal fats have been almost entirely replaced by seed oils.

It’s now almost impossible to find fast food cooked in beef tallow (or any other animal fat)… 

And seed oils are found in nearly all processed foods.

This is a big problem because seed oils are a major driver of metabolic dysfunction (listen to Dr. Paul’s recent podcast to find out why)…

And if you want to improve your health in any way, then eliminating them from your diet needs to be the first step.

That can be challenging, given the fact that seed oils are well… everywhere.

But we’re here to help…

Because our Animal-Based 30 Challenge returns on January 1st, and we are going to give you all the support you need to say bye-bye to seed oils and hello to radical health. 

Stay tuned for more details!

Okay so tell us if this sounds familiar…

You’ve discovered animal-based, improved your health, and you now realize that a lot of the food your kids have been eating isn’t exactly setting them up for radical health…

And you’re now at the point where you’d like to wean little Johnny off the french fries, and onto more nutrient-rich animal-based foods.

But doing that isn’t always easy, which is why we’re here to help…

7 tips to introducing animal-based foods to your kids

#1 Start off slow

This is an important one. Because your house will not be a happy house if overnight you decide to throw all of your kids favorite foods in the trash.

And instead of radical health, you will probably have radical rebellion.

Our advice is to take it one meal at a time, and be prepared for two steps forward and 1 step back!

#2 Get them involved!

One of the simplest ways to pique your kids interest in animal-based foods is to involve them in the kitchen.

Ask them what they like to eat and you may be surprised at how many animal-based foods they mention.

Take them to the grocery store or farmers market and let them pick up the ingredients to make their favorite foods. 

#3 Leftovers are king

Cook double or triple of everything and keep the fridge stocked with animal-based leftovers. 

Cold hamburgers and mashed sweet potatoes can easily be reheated for a delicious breakfast, or eaten cold in a lunchbox.

#4 Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good

Seeking animal-based perfection for kids is probably not necessary, practical or realistic.

Instead, focus on small, but effective changes that can improve the quality of your kids diet.

For example, corn and soy-fed bacon & eggs may be high in Linoleic Acid, but from a nutritional perspective they are still a darn lot better than fruit loops!

#5 Reassess their snacking habits

If little Susie constantly has a snack in her hand, she’s unlikely to be very hungry when you all sit down at the dinner table.

And in this case, it may be appropriate to reduce or eliminate snack time altogether. 

On a side note, many popular kids snacks are ultra-processed. But the good news is there are many nutritious and delicious animal-based snacks you can replace them with!

#6 Visit a farm

What better way to stoke your child’s interest in animal-based food than to see where it comes from? 

Agritourism is more popular than ever, and chances are, there is an open farm in your area.

Your kids will love getting up close to pigs, chickens and cows!

#7 Hide the organs

Our desiccated organ supplements make it super easy to level up the nutrition in your kids foods.

Bone Marrow & Liver is an excellent starter choice… 

Just break open a couple of capsules and stir the contents into their favorite foods!

8 animal-based swaps for your kids favorite processed foods

#1 Breakfast cereal ➡️ Bacon & eggs

#2 Flavored yogurt ➡️ Raw yogurt w/ maple syrup

#3 Soda ➡️ Raw milk or freshly squeezed organic juice

#4 Candy bars ➡️ Fresh fruit

#5 Breads/crackers ➡️ animal-based cocktail skewers

  • Beef meatballs w/ mozzarella
  • Apple & cheddar cheese
  • Cold steak and avocado
  • Cucumber & ham

#6 Chicken nuggets ➡️ Air-fried crispy chicken

#7 Pancakes/waffles ➡️ Animal-based chaffles (recipe below)

#8 Potato fries ➡️ Sweet potato fries (use butter or tallow)

Book recommendation for parents:

Dr. Paul’s Carnivore Code Cookbook is a treasure trove of animal-based recipes that your kids will love. 

It’s even got alternatives to popular dishes like pizza, icecream, and tacos!

How to make Animal-Based chaffles

Most frozen waffles are highly processed, containing flour, seed oils and processed sugars…

But we’ve got the perfect animal-based alternative that your kids will love!

Chaffles are like waffles, but made with just cheese and eggs, and they are easy-peasy to make…

Step 1

Mix equal parts egg and cheese together with a dash of salt

Step 2

Prep waffle maker with a layer of ghee (or tallow)

Step 3

Pour egg and cheese mixture into the waffle maker—cook for 1-2 minutes

Step 4

Top with your child’s favorite toppings like bacon, blueberries or maple syrup!

That’s all from us this week 👋

Stay Radical!

The Heart & Soil Crew

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