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Issue #25: Most Americans are starving for micronutrients

Hey Radical Health Seekers 👋 

This week in your Radical Health Newsletter…

  • Why most Americans are starving for micronutrients…
  • Why good things come to those that sweat…
  • And some very exciting news about our products 😃

But first…

💪 Ryan’s radical transformation

Ryan joined the Heart & Soil team as a shipping assistant back when we were still shipping orders out of Dr. Paul’s living room…

This young superfit guy should have been in his prime, yet he was struggling with:

Low energy

❌ Poor recovery after workouts

Crappy sleep and moods

❌ Couldn’t pack on muscle

After a couple of conversations over the lunch table, Ryan dove into an animal-based diet and the rest is HIS STORY:

His SLEEP got better… his MOOD got better… his ENERGY got better…


Oh and he packed on 27 pounds of muscle 💪 😲

If you want a similar transformation to Ryan, stay tuned for our Animal-Based 30 Challenge starting January 1st!

Ryan has since left Heart & Soil to pursue his dream of serving in the US Military 🇺🇸 🙌

Stuffed with calories, yet starving for nutrients

If macronutrients are the equivalent of the gas you put in your car…

Think of micronutrients as the critical components that keep it running smoothly.

Because micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) are as crucial to your body as the engine oil, filters, electrics and tires are to your Ford.

And the micronutrients we consume have a powerful influence on how we feel, impacting our brain health, immune system, hormones, sleep, energy and mood.  

Micronutrients matter. 

Which is why it’s a big problem that so many of us (maybe even you) are suffering from a micronutrient inadequacy…

How common are micronutrient inadequacies?

⛔ 94% of Americans have a Vitamin D inadequacy

⛔ 92% of Americans have a Choline inadequacy

⛔ 88% of Americans have a Vitamin E inadequacy

⛔ 67% of Americans have a Vitamin K inadequacy

⛔ 50% of Americans have a Magnesium inadequacy

⛔ 43% of Americans have a Vitamin A inadequacy


Bear in mind, these inadequacies exist DESPITE the fact that most Americans are eating nutritionally fortified food, and taking synthetic multivitamins… 😩

Micronutrient inadequacy vs deficiency

It’s time to stop asking “how much micronutrients do I need to avoid a deficiency?” 

And time to start asking “how much micronutrients do I need to function optimally?”

In contrast to micronutrient deficiencies, which lead to overt symptoms… 

(e.g. Vitamin A deficiency can lead to blindness)

Micronutrient inadequacies can lead to covert symptoms that are difficult to detect clinically… 

Such as:

🥱 Fatigue

🤧 A weak immune system

🧠 Impaired cognitive function, including brain fog and mood issues

But if you eat an animal-based diet and get plenty of organs in your diet you won’t need to worry about a micronutrient inadequacy…

Because organs like liver, heart, kidney and spleen are some of the richest sources of micronutrients on the planet.

And this explains why so many people report increases in energy, satiety and cognition when they start taking our supplements…

It’s because they finally have a fully topped-up micronutrient tank.

This is why we do what we do at Heart & Soil!

>> top up your micronutrient tank

Why good things come to those that sweat

There are a TON of benefits that come from regular exercise. 

You will be RADICALLY healthier… this is a fact. 

Exercise will increase your endorphins, improve your hormones, insulin sensitivity and immune system.

You will sleep better. 

You will enjoy your food more.

You will enjoy your LIFE more.

Still not convinced? 

What if we told you exercise will make you smarter?
Yes you heard that right, SMARTER 🤓

Because exercise improves blood flow to the brain. 

It boosts growth hormones that promote the growth of new nerve cells. 

It improves your brain’s synaptic plasticity, which is the ability for neurons to send and receive messages. 

It releases brain chemicals that aid cognition like dopamine, glutamate, norepinephrine and serotonin.

And boosts the production of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), an important protein for your brains function.

If you’re new to exercise, or starting from a relatively low base, the goal should be to build sustainable habits of daily movement, and to ENJOY it!

And if you are already crushing it in the gym… well our message to you is to make sure you’re getting a well rounded mix of movement types. 

Walking may not be sexy, but it’s for sure fundamental to being a happy and healthy human. 

So maybe focus less on the 1 rep max deadlift and build a daily walk into your routine instead!

Our bodies are meant to move in a wide variety of ways. 

Slow and low intensity, with short bursts of high intensity…

And lifting heavy things (if you’re not building muscle you’re losing it!!!)

Ultimately, for anyone seeking radical health (both physical and mental), consistent exercise is essential. 

And consistency and some level of intensity are much more important than specifics. 

Because the most important thing to remember about getting a workout is… getting a workout! 

The best style of exercise will be the one you’ll do. 🥳

Results will come from dedication, even to something small.

While you’re working out, draw motivation from the fact that building muscle and losing fat inherently require effort.

This “reap what you sow” reality creates a powerful mental incentive for exercise.

Progress is easily defined, continuous, achievable, and meaningful, so it yields a sense of accomplishment.

This confidence translates to more motivation to train, and before you know it, you’re in an upward spiral to success!

Big news about our supplements (coming soon!)

For almost a year now, we’ve been undergoing a rigorous certification process with the Informed Sport Program…

​​Informed Sport is a globally recognized banned substance testing and certification program that tests every single product batch before it’s released to market…

Against more than 200 prohibited substances included on lists such as WADA (World Anti-doping Association), NFL, NHL, MLS, MLB, NBA, PGA/LPGA, NCAA, and WTA.

Not only is that good news for the many professional athletes who use our products… 

It’s also good news for you.

Because now you know that when you choose Heart & Soil, you can be confident you are choosing a clean and safe product that has passed world class certification standards.

This has been many months in the works, and we are incredibly excited that we are almost at the finish line! 

Stay tuned for further updates soon.

That’s all from us this week,

Stay Radical!

The Heart & Soil Crew

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