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Issue #31: How to age like a champion

Hey Radical Health Seekers 👋 

Coming up in your Radical Health Newsletter today:

  • 5 things most people think are a completely normal part of aging (that aren’t)…
  • How to make 70 your new 50 (aka age like a champion)
  • And checking in on our AB30 participants…

But first…

The incredible story of Charles Eugster

Did you see the elderly man running above?

That was the late great Charles Eugster at 95 years of age.

His story is incredible…

Working most of his life as a dentist, he realized his former athletic self had become completely sedentary…

So at 60 years old he decided to change that, and reluctantly took up rowing.

Then at 85 years old he took up weight training…

And by the time he died at the grand age of 97, he had broken multiple world records in sprinting for his age category.

We can learn SO much from Charles and his approach to getting old…

Start here with his fantastic Ted Talk Why bodybuilding at age 93 is a great idea

We wish we had the opportunity to meet Charles or hear him on a podcast or two…

Here are a few of our favorite quotes from him:

“the stupid thing is that people don’t realize that you can have a beach body at 90 and turn the heads of the sexy 70-year-old girls on the beach…

I eat lots of meat, especially fat…

Humans are so unbelievably stupid that we have begun to tinker with food. Our theories of nutrition have resulted in a pandemic of obesity. Can you imagine a hunter-gatherer enjoying a low-fat yogurt?”

Charles was a true inspiration that people need to hear about now more than ever. 

Because while most people are living longer lives, they sure aren’t living better.

In fact many of the health conditions that used to hit people when they reached their 70’s are now hitting them in their 40’s and 50’s… sometimes even their 30’s…

Suddenly 50 has become the new 70. It’s crazy.

5 things people think are a normal part of aging (that aren’t):

  • Sore joints
  • Fatigue
  • Weight gain
  • Forgetfullness/Brain fog
  • Muscle loss

But these things are NOT a normal part of aging…

Yet we’ve normalized them as an expected part of aging for people in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s 🤦

For us radical-health seekers, the goal is to push these markers of aging as far down the road as possible so we can not only enjoy long lives, but HEALTHY lives too…

There’s a great phrase for this called “compression of morbidity”…

And it refers to the shortening of the period between the “first appearance of aging manifestations and chronic disease symptoms” and the end of life.

Because the longer we can maintain mobility, muscle mass and strength, the longer we can expect to maintain a high quality of life.

Each one of us has control over how we age, by what we eat and how we live.

And we don’t have to accept slowing down, sore knees or a big belly as part of aging.

How to make 70 the new 50 (aka age like a champion):

❌ Don’t be like most Americans and eat 7+ tablespoons of seed oils everyday…

✅ Do choose to eat the highest form of nutrition aka organs, so you can experience radical health.

❌ Don’t spend all day on your phone and get text neck:

✅ Do be like Charles Eugster and move your body… lift weights, do pushups, train Jiu Jitsu… just freaking walk! It’s all super important; otherwise, you’re on the fast track to sarcopenia and frailty.

❌ Don’t be like the average person and spend 93% of your time indoors…

✅ Do get outside in the sun and nature everyday.

❌ Don’t squander your time away…

✅ Do spend it wisely and pursue what brings you joy in life.

✅ Do cultivate relationships with amazing people… this is a big one, because the Harvard Study of Adult Development (running since 1938) has shown that the biggest lever for health and happiness is not the food we eat or the exercise we do… it’s the relationships we have with each other.

🏆 Checking in on our AB30 Challengers:

Speaking of aging like champions, let’s hear it for Dr. Michael McClaughlin, who is 67 years old and crushing it:

Day 8 on AB30. I feel great. Let me clarify, I feel better than I ever have!! 

Better mental acuity, more energy, less joint pain, zero stomach distress, clear nasal passages. 

Every important health parameter in my life has improved. 

I take your Warrior supplement and intermittently fast, usually 16/8. 

Thank you Dr Saladino for making this information for living a healthy life attainable!

And here’s Jason:

I can’t believe the changes in just two weeks…

I found raw milk! (HOLY CRAP IS IT GOOD) 

Sooo much energy! I complete my workouts and I am not gassed or exhausted. 

When I used to do Jiu Jitsu.. I would be absolutely dead.. or trying to roll with guys half my age, I would get crushed every time… NOT ANYMORE! HUZZAH!

Taking Whole Package and Fire Starter… I just can’t believe the energy! 

I like to be full throttle, and the past 3yrs I was constantly tired. Always wanting to sleep, even directly after my workouts… 

Now I’m up at 4:30 (Just like when I was in the Military), and going going going.. I absolutely love it! 

We are stoked for our AB30 Challengers who are transforming their health inside our Animal-Based Community…

And if you’d like to do the same you can go here and join us!

That’s all from us this weekend!

The Heart & Soil Crew

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