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Issue #35: 6 reasons to choose our supplements over fresh organs

Hey Radical Health Seekers 👋 

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  • 6 reasons to choose our supplements over fresh organs…
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  • And a peek inside our DMs (when autocorrect goes wrong )

But first…

Did you know cows have best friends?

Yes, it’s true…

We know cows are social animals, but they actually go one step further and make best friends with other cows too.

We bet they argue over where the tastiest grasses are…

And share awful jokes…

Alright, enough with the memes and gifs, we’re a serious newsletter, after all…


According to this research (🤓), cows do indeed have a BFF…

And like us, they also relax best when hanging with their best friend.

In the research, cows were paired for 30-minute intervals twice.

The first time was with their best friend…

And the second time was with a cow they didn’t know. 

During this time, the researchers measured the heart rates of the cows…

And when paired with their best friend, the cows’ heart rates were significantly lower, and they appeared more relaxed and content around their best friend. 

Aww 🤗

just chillin’ with my bovine bestie

Now some people might think this is just another reason to go plant-based…

But will a plant-based diet really allow more cows to chill on the grass with their best friends?

Not really.

But do you know what will? 

Regenerative farming 🐄

And this is one of the many reasons we source all of our products from regenerative farms, where the cows are:

🐮 100% grass-fed & finished
🐮 Free to roam like their ancestors
🐮 And free to tell awful jokes with their best friends

It’s the best scenario for everyone.

Happy cows… a healthy environment…

And happy and healthy humans, nourished with the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet – organs!

6 reasons to choose our supplements over fresh organs

We’re big fans of fresh organs, both raw and cooked… 

(After all who doesn’t love a raw testicle shooter?)

But there are many reasons why our freeze-dried organs beat fresh organs:

#1 Our supplements give you more nutrients than cooked organs

Since heat destroys and denatures nutrients, cooking will always reduce the nutritional content of your organs to some degree…

But our freeze-drying process ensures the nutrients, peptides, minerals, enzymes, and growth factors are preserved, meaning more nutrition for you!

#2 Our supplements reduce the risk of contamination

While there are incredible nutritional benefits to eating fresh, raw organs, there are also risks… especially if you aren’t confident in your sourcing.

But our supplements are incredibly safe… They undergo the strictest 3rd party quality control procedures for safety and contamination… in fact we can reassure you that they are more rigorously tested than any food you’ll find in a grocery store or restaurant!

Our freeze-drying process removes virtually all the moisture from the organs…

And since microbes (viruses, bacteria, parasites etc) can’t survive without moisture, this allows for an ultra-pure product with a very long shelf life — of course, with no need for additives or preservatives!

#3 Our supplements are cleaner

Ever had raw liver juice drip all over your kitchen?

We have… and while there’s nothing wrong with a little liver juice from time to time (the dog will lick it up), it’s just easier and cleaner to smash back some Lifeblood while trying to get yourself and the kids out the door in the morning.

#4 Our supplements are tasteless

Yes it’s OK to admit that fresh organs can taste nasty!

And this can be a huge barrier to regularly getting organs in your diet.

But our supplements are completely tasteless, making them ideal for kids and fussy eaters!

#5 Our supplements provide variety:

There are many potent nutrients that are unique to specific organs, which is why getting a wide variety of different organs in your diet is a very good idea.

For example, phosphatidylserine is found in brain, and supports cognitive function…

And thymosin peptides are found in thymus, and support our immune system.

But getting these organs fresh is often very difficult, and that’s where our supplements will always have you covered 😎

You’ll find brain in our Mood, Memory & Brain supplement, and thymus in our Histamine & Immune supplement.

#6 Our supplements save you time

Which means more time hanging with your bestie in the sauna 😃

Inside our DMs (when autocorrect goes wrong)

We get a ton of emails and DMs from people every day…
And sometimes people get the names of our products VERY WRONG.

Is it an autocorrect error? Are they confused? Or deliberately messing with our minds? We don’t know!

Here are some examples that stood out to us… (we didn’t make these up, we’d never be that rude)…

Can you figure out which product they actually meant to say? 😃

Click the links to find out!

>> Boner marrow

>> Queef organs

>> Woman balance bottle

>> Mood Package

>> Vibe Matrix

>> Sun Hair & Nails

📻 Radical Health Radio Episode 2

In Episode 02, Dr. Paul joins Ste for a deep dive into Dr. Paul’s story, revealing some things Dr. Paul has never shared before… 

They also discuss Dr. Paul’s thoughts on the 7 Steps to Radical Health framework…

And answer caller’s questions about PCOS, headaches, stress management and autoimmune diseases.

📞 Want to be a caller on the next show?

Go here to learn more!

That’s all from us this week 👋

Thanks for reading the Radical Health Newsletter!

The Heart & Soil Crew

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