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Issue #38: How Big Food hijacked our food system

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  • The hijacking of the American food system…
  • How Big Food tricks us with an “illusion of choice”…
  • The devastating consequences these products are having on our health…
  • And the simple way to reject Big Food and choose radical health.

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The hijacking of our food system

When you visit your local Walmart, Target or Whole Foods to pick up groceries, you might believe you are spoiled for choice…

Because the average grocery store now has about 40,000 products on its shelves.

This seemingly endless variety of flavors, textures and brands may seem unlimited…

But it’s all an illusion.

Because at least 80% of this choice is dominated by a small handful of powerful big food corporations, like Kraft Heinz, General Mills, Pepsico, and Nestle…

And since these companies are almost all publicly traded, they have a fiduciary responsibility to deliver as much value as possible to their shareholders…

Which means they care about PROFIT, not food quality.

As a consequence, they have become extremely effective at engineering the cheapest ingredients into the most addictive foods possible.

And they know how to overwhelm our brains with the illusion of flavor and choice – just visit the yogurt aisle if you don’t believe us.

They also know how to confuse us with misleading nutritional labels and by paying to put “heart healthy” and “low fat” stickers on their products… 

And they are incredibly effective at marketing, especially to our children…

Because hooking our kids on junk food is a billion dollar business.

Shrek wants to sell them Twinkies, Ronald McDonald visits them at school, and the cereal aisle looks like an episode on the Cartoon Network. 

But these food companies don’t make food…

They make nutritional weapons of mass destruction.

And while they seem to have a never-ending variety of flavors, textures, colors, and brands…

Their products primarily consist of the same harmful and cheap ingredients: 

  • seed oils
  • processed grains
  • processed sugars
  • artificial colors and flavors

These ultra-processed foods now make up the majority of Americans’ diets:

The consequence is that just 12% of us are considered metabolically healthy…

And we struggle to find young Americans healthy enough to join our military.

CLEARLY there is a link between the drastic change in our health and the corresponding change in our food system.

We used to eat whole, unprocessed foods: meat, organs, fish, eggs, fruits, raw dairy, and yes even vegetables and relatively unprocessed grains….

Perhaps most importantly, our fats came from animals in the form of butter, tallow, cream and lard…

But we’ve since replaced this with a 150x increase in seed oils:

Big Food isn’t going to change overnight.

They spend millions lobbying to ensure favorable laws and regulations…

They fund favorable studies at universities and research institutes…

And they are very good at marketing.

But there is a better way.

We can choose to vote with our dollar…

We can choose real food…

We can choose to support our local farmers and put money directly in their pockets…

We can choose Radical Health!

Now if you want to continue diving into the shocking behaviour of Big Food you will NOT want to miss out this week’s episode of Radical Health Radio…

In this week’s episode of Radical Health Radio, Ste is joined by Brian Sanders, an engineer turned radical health seeker, podcast host, and filmmaker.

Brian shares his story about how losing his parents to Cancer and Alzheimers turned into his motivation to research diet and uncover the truth behind how Big Food has destroyed our health.

Expect to learn the truth about the incentives that drive the Big Food industry to make us so unhealthy, the single most important thing you can do to improve your health, and how to finally reclaim your sovereignty and health once and for all!

You’ll also hear from live callers who ask questions about eye floaters, gout, how to heal after a miscarriage and much more…


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The Heart & Soil Team

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