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Issue #44: Time to break up with bread (and other grains)

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Because this week we’re talking about:

  • Why it’s high time to break up with bread (and other grains)…
  • How grains are robbing you of nutrients…
  • And why they might be giving you a leaky gut…

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The problem with grains 🌾

Mainstream nutrition experts have been telling us to make grains the foundation of our diet for decades now…

And they call an animal-based diet a ‘fad diet’.

But grains are the real fad.

Because we’ve been eating animal-based foods like meat, organs, fruit and honey forever, but only started eating grains in any significant form about 10,000 years ago.

And everyone says we domesticated grains, but the truth is, they domesticated us.

Because the Agricultural Revolution might have resulted in a steady supply of calories, but we had to break our backs for it. 

And those calories were not the same as the calories of our hunter-gatherer ancestors. 

Wheat is a very poor substitute for meat, lacking protein, fats, and essential micronutrients.

And archeologists have made it very clear that abandoning meat for wheat led to smaller humans with smaller brains…

And increases in infectious diseases, tooth cavities and nutrient deficiencies [refrefref].

Each one of us has the genetic potential to become a wild, radically healthy and happy human, but grains can never help us to unlock that potential.

And while you may love bread, pasta, or tortillas, the truth is they don’t love you back 💔

Grains are highly defended plant babies

Everyone knows not to get between a mother grizzly and her cubs, but what about a plant and its seeds?

All living organisms will defend their offspring, even seemingly benign plants…

But while a mama grizzly will defend with 4-inch claws, a mama plant defends by putting defense chemicals in her seeds.

This is why grains are more than just an empty source of calories…

They are also loaded with defense chemicals, preventing you from realizing your true radical health potential.

Grains are robbing you of nutrients

Like all seeds (including beans and nuts), grains contain a defense chemical called phytic acid.

This is a compound that prevents you from absorbing essential minerals like iron, zinc, calcium, and magnesium, by chelating (biting onto) them in your gut.

And while cooking can reduce the levels of phytic acid in grains, it doesn’t reduce it enough to minimize the impact.

In this study, researchers fed people oysters, one of the most zinc-rich foods on the planet.

You will be shocked when you see what happened to the zinc when the oysters were eaten with beans or corn (both phytic acid-containing seeds):

When eaten with beans, the zinc absorbed from the oysters was less than half the zinc absorbed from the oysters without beans…

And when eaten with corn tortillas, the zinc absorbed was effectively ZERO 😲

So even if you are eating the most nutrient-rich foods on the planet, like steak, liver and oysters…

If you’re eating them with grains, you could miss out on the benefits! 😦

Grains also cause leaky gut

Grains contain another defence chemical called lectins (including gluten in bread and pasta), which open the gap junctions in the intestinal lining of your gut [refref).

That means a leaky gut, and it’s NOT good.

Because a leaky gut activates a pro-inflammatory immune response, and can trigger a wide range of health disorders and autoimmune conditions including allergies, respiratory infections, irritable bowel syndrome, arthritis, and obesity [ref].

It’s even implicated in mental health disorders like anxiety and depression by disrupting the gut-brain axis [refref] 😦

You do NOT want a leaky gut!

Quit grains for radical health? Yes!

Look, if you are currently not thriving, and you have health issues you are trying to resolve, we strongly suggest eliminating grains and seeing how your health improves.

But we also know that quitting grains can come with social consequences that are tricky to navigate too.

Because grains are woven into the very fabric of our society…

They are part of so many things you might love… pizza and beer with friends… nachos or popcorn and a movie… baking fresh bread with our kids… grandma’s peach cobbler.

So while quitting grains will definitely improve your health, we’ll let you decide whether or not they deserve the occasional place on your dinner plate 🍽

Radical Health Hero Of The Week 👊

Histamine and Immune cured my two year olds allergies and ear infection issues”

This is Reed and his two year old son.

He told us his son was suffering from the horrible Texas allergies and would get constant ear infections…

But that after just TWO days of mixing Histamine & Immune capsules into his son’s yoghurt and cheesy eggs in the morning, his allergies and congestion cleared!

He said:

My son is the happiest and healthiest I have ever seen him. 

I have been introducing kefir and a little pan seared liver with honey into his diet and his microbiome is steadily healing after the past year of antibiotic regimens. 

No more Benadryl, no more antibiotics! 

He is living the radical life we all deserve, thank you Dr. Paul and everyone at Heart and Soil for all you do!” 

We are STOKED for Reed and his little boy!!! 🙌

Our Histamine & Immune supplement has a recently improved formula to provide support for the immune system, histamine intolerance, and allergies. 

It contains unique nutrients like Thymosin fraction 5, Thymosin alpha-1, and Thymulin, which support your immune system’s underlying surveillance mechanisms.

It’s also rich in Diamine Oxidase, an enzyme involved in the breakdown of excess histamine as a result of allergies.

That’s all from us this weekend Radical Health Seekers!

The Heart & Soil Team

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