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Issue #49: 93 epic things to do outdoors in June

Hey Radical Health Seekers 👋

And welcome to June!

We’ve almost reached the midpoint of 2023, and it’s a great time for reflection and reassessment. 

How is your journey to radical health going?

This is also a good time to acknowledge your successes, set new goals, take a break from routine, and recharge before the second half of the year…

And since June is National Great Outdoors Month, there could be no better way to recharge than by spending some quality time outdoors.

That’s exactly what we will help you do in this week’s newsletter.

In fact, since the average American spends 93% of their time indoors, we’re giving you 93 epic things you can do to spend more time outside this June.

But first, our Chief Operating Officer Doug, has a very important message for you about our mission:

Why we need to spend more time outside

We used to spend almost all our time outside. Because when your home is a cave or woolly mammoth skin, you don’t really have any other options.

This meant staring at horizons instead of staring at walls…

It meant sunlight instead of artificial light…

It meant the sound of birds instead of the sound of the freeway…

And it meant wind and rain instead of air conditioning.

Over millions of years, our DNA evolved with these outdoor inputs…

And we now know that these inputs (sunlight, wind, fresh air, nature, etc) have profound impacts on our sleep, stress, hormones, metabolism, and mental well-being.

Our DNA hasn’t changed, but our environment has.

And we’re now spending more time indoors than we ever have.

The best estimates are that we now spend 93% of our time indoors…

With 87% of that time spent in buildings like our homes and places of work… 🏢

And 6% of it in our cars 🚘

But this data is over twenty years old, before the advent of online gaming, Netflix, Amazon Prime and social media.

So it’s probably even higher in 2023. 😬

Now since you’re reading this newsletter, we bet you’re not like the average American…

But even Radical Health Seekers like us will benefit from getting outside more.

Whether that means taking your labrador for a walk around the block, or embarking on that epic adventure you’ve always dreamed about doesn’t really matter…

Because both begin with a single step outside your front door.

93 epic ways to spend more time outside this June

We’ve compiled an epic list of things you can do outside this month. Some things you can do right outside your door. Others will require more effort. 

Either way, we want to help change the fact that we spend 93 percent of our time indoors, by giving you 93 ways to spend more time outside. 

We hope this list serves as inspiration and motivation. Now go outside and have some fun!

#1 Get in a water balloon fight

#2 Grow sunflowers

#3 Explore a local park

#4 Walk a mile

#5 Camp someplace new

#6 Camp someplace old

#7 Park your car and walk

#8 Visit your nearest National Park

#9 Collect seashells at the beach

#10 Take your dog for an extra-long walk

#11 Run your hand through wet grass

#12 Sit on your stoop (with your friends)

#13 Watch the sunset from a rooftop

#14 See what’s under a rock

#15 Count how many creatures you can identify

#16 Jump in a puddle

#17 Read a book under a tree

#18 Look for shooting stars

#19 Go exploring

#20 Take a walk at lunch

#21 Bathe in a forest

#22 Stand barefoot in the grass

#23 Run a mile at any pace

#24 Have a picnic

#25 Feel sand in your toes

#26 Plant a tree

#27 Get a grass stain

#28 Go skinnydipping

#29 Jump into a lake

#30 Hang out in a hammock

#31 Dunk your head in a waterfall

#32 Watch the moon rise

#33 Frolic in a meadow

#34 Chase your dog

#35 Play spikeball

#36 Feel the wind on your face

#37 Go paddle boarding

#38 Ride your bike like a kid again

#39 Get muddy. Like really muddy.

#40 Surround yourself with trees

#41 Walk a dry creek bed

#42 Stroll around the city

#43 Stop and smell the roses. Literally.

#44 Get saltwater in your hair

#45 Go to sleep in a tent

#46 Wake up in a tent

#47 Get a tan

#48 Take a nap in the grass

#49 Listen to the birds

#50 Dance in the rain

#51 Play catch with your kids

#52 Take your lunch break out back

#53 Visit a national park

#54 Swim in a swimming hole

#55 Swing on a swing

#56 Go on an outdoor scavenger hunt with your kids

#57 Go to your local farmers market

#58 Find the end of a rainbow

#59 Take a walk before work

#60 Take a walk after work

#61 Work outside

#62 Make dinner and eat on the deck

#63 Ride a motorbike

#64 Cook something on a camp stove

#65 Listen to the ocean

#66 Get a job working on a regenerative ranch

#67 Go bird watching

#68 Go fruit picking at a local farm

#69 Try outdoor photography

#70 Attend an outdoor concert

#71 Visit a botanical garden

#72 Go horseback riding

#73 Start an outdoor fitness routine

#74 Build a treehouse or fort

#75 Try geocaching

#76 Start a compost pile

#77 Play hide and seek

#78 Learn outdoor survival skills

#79 Watch a sports game at a local stadium

#80 Try outdoor painting or sketching

#81 Take a moonlit walk

#82 Get really good at cooking BBQ

#83 Try orienteering

#84 Make a homemade bird feeder

#85 Try mountain biking

#86 Take a hot air balloon ride

#87 Host a block party

#88 Go rollerblading

#89 See the sunrise

#90 Learn to surf

#91 Go slacklining

#92 Create a mini golf course

#93 Just hang out in the grass

That’s all from us this weekend 👋🏼

Stay Radical!

The Heart & Soil Team

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