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Issue #57: Why most fat loss advice fails (and what actually works)

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  • Why most fat loss advice fails (and what actually works)
  • How you can crush AB30 this August
  • And one lady’s incredible animal-based transformation

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Why most fat loss advice sucks

If you ask people what their health goals are, the most popular answer will be to lose weight…

This isn’t surprising, with almost 70% of Americans currently obese or overweight.

And if you are a member of this 70% club, you’ve probably signed up for our free Animal-Based 30 Challenge in the hope of losing some of this weight…

And if you are skeptical, we don’t blame you.

Because you’ve probably heard it all before…

And you’ve probably been told: 

📢 25 different ways to lose weight by 25 different people…

📢 Told to eat low carb, high carb, low fat, high protein, or whatever you want so long as you restrict your calories…

📢 Told to do fasted cardio, or none at all…

📢 And told to eat 6 small meals a day or only one.

All these methods may have worked temporarily, but if they actually worked, you wouldn’t be here, would you?

The problem with these methods is they focus on weight loss and fail to address the most important issue: metabolic health.

But we do things differently around here

We make health the priority…

Because when you prioritize your health, a leaner, healthier body inevitably follows.

So instead of counting calories, we place the focus on factors like:

  • Diet quality
  • Sleep
  • Hormonal health
  • Stress reduction and relationships
  • Movement and maintaining muscle mass

This is how you set yourself up for long term success.

If you are looking to get leaner, then be reassured you are in the right place.  

Join us for AB30 this August, and not only will you receive the support you need to lose weight…

We’ll help you to do it in a way that is enjoyable, sustainable, and leads to a healthier and stronger version of you.

How to crush AB30 this August

#1 Know your why

Why do you want to improve your health? Having a strong and clear reason is important, especially when things get challenging. So identify your why and write it down!

#2 Join our community

Who you surround yourself with on your health journey matters more than anything. That’s why we’ve created an exclusive AB30 Community where you can connect, talk and get support alongside 11,000+ Radical Health Seekers.

#3 Share your journey with family and friends

Family and friends can be your greatest support, or your biggest barrier. That’s why we believe having an open and honest conversation with them is important.

Tell them you are doing animal-based to prioritize your health. If they express doubts or concerns, tell them a little about it. Let them know you are experimenting for 30 days, and will share your results with them!

#4 Find a meal you love and eat it every day

While there are many amazing animal-based meals you can eat, if you find something you really enjoy, don’t be afraid to eat that same meal every day. This is what we do, and it keeps things simple, nutritious and delicious!

#5 It’s a journey, not a race

Long-term consistency will always trump short-term intensity (Bruce Lee said that, not us). You have got to figure out a way to make these changes sustainable, enjoyable and life-long. Do that and radical health is practically guaranteed! When you sign up for AB30, you can discover how to do this with other radical health seekers in our AB30 community.

Meet this week’s Radical Health Hero

This is Cresha, and she’s had an incredible transformation on an animal based diet.

She told us:

“My entire adult life has been spent in doctor’s offices trying to heal myself.

In 2020 I found myself in an intensely deep depression and absolutely wrought with anxiety… I had returned to a standard Amercian diet and gained all of my weight back. I also dealt with a skin condition, or what the doctors thought was rosacea…

Then in April 2020 I dove head first into a carnivore diet in an attempt to fix it all. It took 3 days for my depression to completely vanish and 13 days for my skin to completely clear up.

After a few months of strict carnivore, I felt I had lost too much weight, and my gym performance after starting wasn’t where I wanted it to be, so I added in fruit and honey and have been happily maintaining my weight at 125-130 pounds, and my skin is clear when I stick to meat, fruit, and honey!”

Wow… we are so STOKED about Cresha’s amazing transformation! đź™Ś

And if you’re ready to transform your health, join us for August’s Animal-Based 30!

That’s all from us this week đź‘‹ 

The Heart & Soil Team

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