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Issue #60: Radical health is priceless

Hey Radical Health Seekers 👋

In your newsletter this week, we’re gonna give you the best investment advice you will ever receive (even though we aren’t financial advisors)…

And we’ll share our top tips for making animal-based living affordable.

But first, we made a new film 🎥 😀

FORGED is the first in our new series of Animal-Based Stories…

And features Wyatt, one of the Heart & Soil team here in Texas, and his love for his craft, blacksmithing.

So why did we make a film about Wyatt and his love for making sharp knives? 

Well, there’s this famous mural by the artist known as Banksy, that shows a street cleaner erasing one of the ancient cave paintings depicting our ancestors hunting antelope:

The painting always struck a chord with us because it symbolized how our modern world has been so quick to erase that which has always been fundamental to our health and happiness.

The food we eat, how we move, sleep, play, communicate, and even work have all drastically changed in recent decades.

Or what about the fact that up to very recently, almost everything we interacted with in our day-to-day lives had a story behind it?

Our furniture, shoes, jewelry, children’s toys, food, and even the knives we used to eat our food with were made by a skilled artisan or craftsperson using natural materials.

We think this is an important aspect of being human that we’ve lost…

And when you check out what Wyatt does in FORGED, we think you’ll agree.

Watch FORGED here.

Radical health is priceless

Going animal-based can be a little scary when you see your grocery bill go up…

Especially if you’ve previously been buying the super cheap processed foods in the middle aisles of the grocery store.

If this is you, then we’ve got some tips and tricks in this newsletter that will help make animal-based a little more affordable for you.

But firstly, we think it’s really important to view this as an investment, not a cost.

Because the food you eat is a short term investment in how you feel…

A midterm investment in how you look…

And a long term investment in your health and freedom from disease 

Higher quality, more nutrient-dense food brings increased clarity, motivation, momentum and productivity.

And those things can have a ripple effect which lead to improved work performance, improved relationships and a happier life all round!

Or think of it like this…

The minimum guaranteed return on this investment is that you look better, you feel better, you get happier, and you set yourself up for a good health retirement by avoiding future healthcare costs.

There’s simply no better investment that you could make in your health! 

That said, an animal-based diet does NOT need to break the bank.

Because you can spend almost the same if not less on your groceries with an animal-based diet.


And here’s another fact:

It doesn’t need to be 100% perfect.

Because cheap beef is still better than… well, pretty much everything! 

So let’s not make perfect the enemy of good here.

Now we’ve done a little research. And when it comes to food budgets, most Americans spend their hard-earned bucks on beverages, prepared and packaged foods, canned foods, and VEGETABLES 😲

And a whopping 40% of food money is spent in restaurants and takeout.

Now contrast that with your animal-based grocery list: 

🥩 Meat

🫀 Organs

🥭 Fruit

🍯 Honey

🥛 Raw dairy

When you eliminate all the foods that harm your health…

And prioritize the food that makes you thrive, then animal-based can be a simple, nourishing, delicious and cost-effective diet.

A typical animal-based meal, as seen at Heart & Soil HQ

Our tips for making animal-based affordable

Buy in bulk

If you have a membership to Costco or Sam’s Club, take advantage! It’s possible to get organic, grass-fed & finished ground beef here for as little as $5/lb. Our founder, Dr. Paul Saladino MD recently visited Sam’s Club to show you how he does it.

Go for cheaper cuts

Not only is this more affordable, some of these cuts are so good you won’t miss the ribeyes! Try beef brisket, cheek, chuck, and of course the old reliable, ground beef! We do NOT recommend cheap pork, chicken or deli meats, which will be too high in PUFAs, and other additives. Learn more about the problems with chicken (and pork) here.

Swap the multivitamins for organs

Because they are so affordable and incredibly nutrient-dense, adding organs to your diet is one of the greatest investments you can ever make to both your health AND wallet. In your butchers, fresh organs like liver and heart are bargain basement. And even our Beef Organs can be had for just $1.56 per day! 

Adios snacking!

A well-constructed animal-based diet will reduce or eliminate the need to snack and eat food for entertainment. This means no more spending on snacks or “food-like” products, and more money for steaks! 

Shake some hands

Build relationships with your local farmers, ranchers, butchers and hunters. This connects you to your food and the people responsible for it. It also allows you to buy meat in bulk or do a cow share with friends!

We hope these tips help you to continue investing in your health without breaking the bank…

And if you’re still looking for some extra tricks and tips…

We’ll just leave this here 😊

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

The Heart & Soil Team

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