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Issue #70: The Halloween Edition

Hey Heart & Soil Tribe 👋

Coming up in this weekend’s Radical Health Newsletter:

  • Our top tips for a healthier Halloween…
  • Why we’ve domesticated ourselves into a corner…
  • And the unstoppable 62 yr old who found radical health

But first…

Tuesday is Halloween 🎃

Halloween originated as an ancient Celtic festival to celebrate the end of summer.

The Celts believed it was the night that the veil between the Otherworld and our world thinned…

Making it easier for spirits and the souls of the dead to return. 

Those are the spooky origins anyway.

But nowadays, Halloween is more of a glorified candy festival, with many kids eating the equivalent of 3 cups of processed sugar (not to mention the artificial colors like red dye 40) from their trick or treat haul.

Now locking your kids in the basement and cancelling Halloween will probably do more harm than good, but here’s some tips to minimimize the “candy hangover”…

Tips for a radically healthy Halloween

#1: Make an ‘animal-based spread’ with banana “ghosts”, kiwi “monsters” and clementine “jack-o-lanterns”. Add in some raw-milk ice-cream w/ honey and you’ve got a guaranteed spooky success. Oh, and here’s a marshmallow recipe your kids will love.

#2: Let your kids leave their candy out at night for the “Candy Witch” who takes the candy and leaves a toy or gift in its place.

#3: Shift the focus from candy to quality experiences… get creative and make costumes together… visit a pumpkin farm… watch spooky movies and tell ghost stories! 👻

#4: Instead of giving out candy to trick-or-treaters, give them buttered dates… or go big and give them some of our organ supplements:

And if you truly want to scare people, then tell them the truth about seed oils.

Domesticated into a corner

Did you know we’ve been eating an animal-based diet for 99.5%+ of our existence?

Our ancestors began scavenging and butchering meat at least 2 million years ago…

And until we developed agriculture and started to domesticate plants 10,000 years ago, we occupied the top of the food chain.

For the vast majority of our history, meat and organs were our primary source of nutrition…

And we still need them in order to reach our biological potential and thrive.

It’s such an important perspective to wrap your head around that we will repeat it…

We’ve been eating an animal-based diet for 99.5% of our history.

The development of agriculture seems to have been less of a step forward into a better world for humanity…

And instead, a desperate attempt to survive in the face of rapidly diminishing numbers of large prey.

And swapping meat and organs for plants was a huge nutritional compromise, with profound consequences.

One of the most telling signs is the stark differences between the jaws of our animal-based ancestors and our grain-based ancestors…

Our animal-based ancestors had a well-formed cranium with a fully developed jaw that easily accommodated all 32 teeth…

But in contrast, once we adopted a nutrient-poor grain-based diet, our jaws and even brain began to diminish:

We’ve domesticated ourselves right into a corner. 

It began 10,000 years ago with with grains and other plant foods…

And things have taken an even more severe turn in the last 100 years with the rise of seed oils and ultra- processed foods.

Almost everybody is now sick. 

Seriously. Just try find someone who isn’t overweight, who doesn’t have a health issue, and is genuinely thriving…  we are getting scarce.

But the good news is we can turn this sinking ship around.

But we must look to the past to create a better future.

We must return to our species-appropriate animal-based diet.

That’s our gateway to radical health.

Radical Health Hero Of The Week 👊

Meet Paul!

He’s been animal-based for two years, and at 62 years old:

“Feels unstoppable!”

He said:

My doctor was concerned about my cholesterol and wanted me on a statin…

So just to make sure he was wrong about that, I got a CT calcium heart scan. 

I got the results and my score was…wait for it…ZERO!!! 

And that’s after two years of eating red meat twice a day. 

A score of zero is almost unheard of for 62-year-old males. 

Oh and my father had a heart attack and died from a failed heart so its not that I have “good” genes, its my diet and supplements. 

I am a little worried now I may outlive my kids LOL unless they get on an animal-based diet. 🙂

So stoked for Paul!!! 🙌

That’s all from us this weekend Heart & Soil Tribe!

The Heart & Soil Team

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