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Issue #77: We need to talk about New Year’s Resolutions

Hey Heart & Soil Tribe,

Every January, millions of people embark on New Year’s Resolutions, in hopes of transforming their health.

This annual ritual has high hopes, but even higher failure rates…

And it plays out in gyms and juice bars across the nation, leaving a trail of disillusionment and half-eaten kale salads in its wake. 

This year, just say no.

Say no to the fad diets, 30-day resets, chronic cardio, food scales, salad spinners and detox teas…

Say no to New Year’s Resolutions altogether.

And instead, join us at Heart & Soil, where we’ve got a framework to help you achieve long-term, lasting, radical health:

Now if you’re skeptical, we don’t blame you.

Because you’ve probably heard it all before.

You’ve probably been told 25 different ways to lose weight by 25 different people…

You’ve probably been told to eat low carb, high carb, low fat, high protein, or whatever you want so long as you restrict your calories.

You’ve probably been told to do fasted cardio, or none at all.

You’ve probably been told to eat 6 small meals a day or only one.

All these methods may have worked temporarily, but if they actually worked, you wouldn’t be here would you?

The problem with these methods is they focus on weight loss and fail to address the most important issue: metabolic health.

But we do things differently around here.

Because it’s not about what you lose, it’s about what you gain…

Which is radical health and vitality (and a leaner body to boot).

In the 7 Steps To Radical Health you will be provided with a clear, logical and sequential step-by-step process for you to follow.

And no matter where you currently are on your health journey, the 7 Steps can be adopted by anyone.

Think of them as your Rand McNally road map to radical health, where instead of taking the ‘shortcut’ over the mountain where the road turns into a mule path…

With our guide, we’ll steer you along the fastest route to your destination.

Go here to read the full guide to the 7 Steps To Radical Health…

This isn’t just another plan; it’s your roadmap to radical health.

And then kickstart things by joining Animal-Based 30, where you’ll join a community of radical health seekers committed to real, sustainable health transformation. 

Animal-Based 30 is completely free, and when you join we’ll give you a free gift of a bottle of Firestarter with your next purchase.

Let’s make 2024 the year of radical health!

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