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Issue #8: Money saving secrets to doing animal-based

Coming up in this week’s issue of the Radical Health Newsletter:

  • Some incredible Animal-Based 30 wins!
  • 5 horrible but true clichés about your health
  • And our secrets for eating animal-based on a budget

But first…

Take a walk on the wild side

Remember that you are a biologically wild human, born into an environment ill-suited to your optimal health.

And if you want radical health, take radical ACTION. Step out of the zoo, and step into the wild. Radical health is waiting for you there!

🙌 Animal-Based 30 Wins

We are almost halfway through our Animal-Based 30 Challenge.

Check out some of these fantastic wins from people inside our Community.

This is what is possible in less than 14 days!

💵 There’s a rumor goin’ round

There’s a rumor going around that the only way to afford an animal-based diet is with cheap credit, moonlighting, or selling the truck.

Not true! 

Let’s squash that rumor right now, with five tired cliches about health that also happen to be totally true.


  • Pay the farmer now or the doctor later…
  • Health is wealth…
  • Health isn’t valued until sickness comes…
  • Your health is your greatest asset…

And here’s one we wrote ourselves:

  • Radical health is priceless.

So clichéd! 😭

But so true!

Because health IS priceless, and therefore it should be accorded the appropriate value in terms of both money and time.

But does that mean an animal-based diet needs to break the bank?

No way, José!

Because you can spend almost the same if not less on your groceries with an animal-based diet.


And here’s another fact:

It doesn’t need to be 100% perfect.

Because cheap beef is still better than… well, pretty much everything. 

So let’s not make perfect the enemy of good here.

We’ve done a little research. And when it comes to food budgets, most Americans spend their hard-earned bucks on beverages, prepared and packaged foods, canned foods, and VEGETABLES 😲

And a whopping 40% of food money is spent in restaurants and takeout.

Now contrast that with your animal-based grocery list:

🥩 Meat

🫀 Organs

🥭 Fruit

🍯 Honey 

🥛 Raw dairy 

When you eliminate all the foods that harm your health…

And prioritize the food that makes you thrive, then animal-based is the most simplistic, nourishing, delicious and cost-effective diet!

And here’s how it can be made even more affordable:  

4 money saving tips for doing animal-based

#1 Go for cheaper cuts

Not only is this more affordable, some of these cuts are so good you won’t miss the ribeyes! Try flat iron steaks, fatty ground beef, shank (great alternative to short ribs), oxtail, and one of our personal favorites, Denver steaks!

#2 Swap the multivitamins for organs

Because they are so affordable and incredibly nutrient-dense, adding organs to your diet is one of the greatest investments you can ever make to both your health AND wallet. In your butchers, fresh organs like liver and heart are bargain basement. And even our desiccated organ supplements will run you less than $1.75/day. 

#3 Adios snacking!

A well-constructed animal-based diet will reduce or eliminate the need to snack and eat food for entertainment. This means no more spending on snacks or “food-like” products, and more money for steaks!

#4 Shake some hands

Build relationships with your local farmers, ranchers, butchers and hunters. This connects you to your food and the people responsible for it. It also allows you to buy meat in bulk or do a cow share with friends!

That’s what we did 👇🏽

We hope these tips help you to continue doing animal-based without going to the loan sharks.

And if you’re still looking for some extra tricks and tips…

We’ll just leave this here 😂

 – The Heart & Soil Crew

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