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Issue #82: Why you need to be weird to be healthy in 2024

Hello Radical Health Seekers

This week we’re talking about why if you want to be radically healthy in 2024, then you’re going to need to be a little ‘weird’.

But first, is there anything worse than texting the wrong person something a little inappropriate?

Well that’s exactly what happened in an SMS conversation we had with another Radical Health Seeker:

Laundies? Is that text speak for laundered underwear?

You need to know that anytime you DM, email or text us here at Heart & Soil, you will be talking with a real member of the team.

We don’t use chatbots or third-party support agencies that wouldn’t even know what a seed oil was…

And you can send us slightly awkward replies like this one anytime. We won’t judge, promise. 

If you want to be text buddies then join our SMS list here 🙂

Why you need to be a little weird to be healthy in 2024

You don’t need to be on your radical health journey for very long before people think you’ve gone a bit weird…

Because YOU might think you’re being sensible in avoiding seed oils and eating 2lbs of beef every day…

But many people just see this:

It happened to me.

It was my senior year of college when I first tried animal-based.

For 30 days I stopped eating $5 pizzas, pasta, fruit loops, and beer…

And ate ground beef, bananas, liver, and cheese instead.

My friends thought I had lost it.

My friends:

Also my friends:

I remember going to Burger King with them and they laughed when I ordered a burger with no bun…

“Dude it’s bread, what you think bread isn’t healthy?”

They couldn’t understand why I wouldn’t eat just a teeny tiny piece of bread.

But those 30 days of animal-based literally changed my life…

And it reinforced the idea that if I wanted to be truly healthy then I needed to be willing to do “weird” things.

Because we live in a time and place where the average person is overweight and sick…

And doing the average thing is a surefire way to become an average person.

And this idea of “everything in moderation” may just be the biggest dietary fallacy of all time…

Because we’re not wired for self-control when it comes to food. 

We never needed self-control in the food environment of our ancestors…

Yet drive a half mile down any town in America today and you have access to more tastes, flavors, and hyper-palatable foods than any King, Queen, Sultan, Pharaoh or Emperor from history ever had.

And as we become sicker and fatter from our food environment, the definition of moderation and normal is changing…

What was considered moderation and normal 50 years ago would now be considered extreme restriction to many people.

And if you accept everything in moderation then you need to be willing to accept moderate outcomes. 

So yeah, maybe we Radical Health Seekers are a little “weird”. 

But that “weirdness” is what allows us to be healthy in 2024.

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That’s all from us this week!

Stay Radical,

The Heart & Soil Team

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