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Issue #83: We’re in a war for our health

Hello Radical Health Seekers

Every generation has probably said it before, but the pace of change we’ve seen in recent decades is mindblowing.

Like I’m not that old, but I can still remember paper maps, disposable cameras, answering machines and Windows 95 screensavers…

And now we live in a world of Uber, ChatGPT and Apple Vision Pro (did you see this guy? 😂)

As we push further into this digital age, we’re losing track of the fundamental things that make us healthy humans… 

And we’re gaining a false confidence that we can outsmart nature and hack our way to health and happiness.

But we can’t cheat nature, and we can’t change the fact that we’re still stone-age humans living in a digital age.

No hack can replace the need for 6-8 hours of quality sleep every night.

No amount of friends or followers on social media can replace the need for real-life human relationships.

No grounding sheet or vitamin D pill can replace our need for direct connection to the sun and the earth.

And no multivitamin, protein shake, fish oil pill or greens powder will ever replace our need for real nutrients from real food.

Yet the processed food/pharmaceutical/medical industrial complex is hellbent on pushing us further in this direction…

All in the name of profits.

They want us to believe a synthetic multivitamin is better for us than beef liver.

They want us to shield our skin and eyes from the sun.

They want us sick.

And WOW have they successfully brainwashed us.

This is the level of disinformation we are up against people:

Nutrition “experts” at Tufts University spent three years (+ government funding) to develop this scoring system that ranks processed foods like Lucky Charms and Honey Nut Cheerios above real foods like ground beef and eggs.

And generations of humans have now been socially conditioned to believe this!

We’ve been conditioned into fearing red meat and sunslight, two of the most health-promoting things there are…

We’ve been conditioned to think disease is an inevitable part of life, and that the cure is found in multivitamins, pharmaceuticals, surgery, fish oil pills and other synthetic products.

Turning real foods into highly palatable and processed convenient packages was not a good advancement for humanity…

And neither was breaking down real food into individual nutrients and recreating them synthetically in a lab.

My grandfather died of a heart attack at 60. 

My uncle died of a heart attack at 60.

And my father and I would be on the exact same path if we hadn’t seen through the lies.

And I’m sure you also know many people who died because of diseases that were avoidable or are suffering unnecessarily right now.

We are in a war for our health.

And the opponents are the forces that perpetuate myths for profit, using misleading marketing tactics, propaganda, bad science, and media.

But we do have an advantage.

Because the digital age means these forces no longer have a monopoly on information.

And we now have the opportunity to challenge the status quo and rewrite the story, helping millions of people return to true health and vitality.

In this fight for our health, the stakes couldn’t be higher. 

Because people’s lives are literally on the line.

This is why we do what we do.

But we realize we are taking on a giant…

And we can’t do it alone.

Remember that when you improve your health, it’s not just you that benefits.

You also become a beacon to others, showing them what’s possible.

And that’s how we’re going to change the world

By each one of us journeying towards radical health, and inspiring others to join us.

Consider this your call to arms.

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That’s all from us this week!

Stay Radical,

The Heart & Soil Team

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