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Issue #86: Why you should do more of what you love (and less of what you like)

Hello Radical Health Seekers,

Last year we released our short film Forged, in which you were introduced to Wyatt, one of the Heart & Soil team here in Texas, and his love for his craft, blacksmithing.

And if there’s one thing we’ve learned from having Wyatt on our team, it is to…

🧡 Do more of what you love

Whether that’s coaching pee wee football, playing guitar, or hiking the trails, we all have certain things we love to do in life.

Not only do we find them deeply enjoyable, but they give us a deep sense of purpose and meaning in our lives. 

We also have things in life that we just like. And while these things may offer us momentary pings of joy, they don’t provide us with any deep pleasure or fulfillment. 

They are usually just something to pass the time, like consuming social media.

And we believe doing more of the things you love and less of the things you like is one of the secrets to living a happy and meaningful life.

Here’s how to do more of what you love 👇

Start by writing down everything you love to do. These are the things that fill you with passion, purpose, fulfillment, joy, and meaning. 

We shall call this our Love List.

Next, write down everything you do that you just like (or even dislike!). 

We shall call this our Like List.

Then step-by-step, eliminate and replace the things in your Like List with things in your Love List.

This will require changing your habits.

You may need to put restrictions on your phone and prioritize more of your time for what you love.

And while this may sound like a strategy for those with the luxury of lots of time, it’s actually quite the opposite.

Because we all have limited time.

And much of that time is already filled with things we have to do.

(like assembling flatpack furniture, making spreadsheets, or queuing at the DMV)

This is why it’s even more important that what little time remains is spent doing things you love and not wasted on the things you only like!

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“I’m 57 years old and I need a boost every now and again. I’m in a tennis league and we play other neighborhoods in the area. 

This definitely gave me a boost!

I can tell I last longer and have more energy. 

Gives me a boost in the bedroom too!” – Joe Kennedy (Whole Package)

That’s all from us this week!

Stay Radical,

The Heart & Soil Team

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