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Issue #88: #1 Way to improve your mental health

Hello Radical Health Seekers,

When it comes to treating mental health conditions like depression, anxiety and stress…

A recent study in the British Journal of Sports Medicine has shown exercise to be 1.5x more effective than conventional treatments like medication or therapy.

Now that might seem like an unbelievable statement, but it’s based on considerable data.

Because in coming to their conclusion, the authors reviewed 97 published papers, including 1039 trials and 128,119 participants.

Interestingly enough, they found that higher intensity exercise offered more benefits than low intensity exercise…

And that interventions of 12 weeks or less were most effective, highlighting the speed at which exercise can make a positive change on our mental health.

Now we’re huge fans of exercise here at Heart & Soil… and we’ve always considered it to be an essential component to health… 

But it’s also fantastic to have such a strong study confirm the incredible power of exercise.

By boosting our dopamine and endorphins, exercise can lower our stress levels and give us a feeling of euphoria…

(ever heard of runner’s high?)

And this is something we need now more than ever, because 1 in 5 of us struggle with our mental health. 

Say it with us…

“Exercise is ESSENTIAL for radical health.”

Now like Zoloft or Xanax, exercise also comes with side effects… 

But only the good kind… like improved muscle mass, a healthier and stronger heart, and better sleep.

How many millions of people are currently taking antidepressants or anti-anxiety meds that need to hear this message??

Psychiatric medications are a billion-dollar industry… 

And yes, they might have their place…

But why are they the first line of treatment for anyone seeking help, when a more effective and accessible treatment exists?

Will we ever see a day when doctors prescribe exercise before prescribing medications?

We certainly hope so.

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Competitive skater has an incredible experience with Joint Strength & Repair!

“Very recently I have injured a shoulder. I have a rotator cuff impingement and 100% tendon tear. Received this as a gift from my son who uses your products and started noticing some relief and more shoulder movement after a couple weeks. 

Since then I bought three more bottles and am optimistic to avoid surgery now. I have also noticed other joints that have some wear and tear that usually have a little lingering irritation after working out have disappeared.

I competitively skate in races and have been lifting for 50+ years some of it in competitions and I would have to say this is the best my joints have felt overall in a long time, great product and I will continue using it. Thank you very much.

– Michael Clark (Joint Strength & Repair)

That’s all from us this week…

Keep thriving!

The Heart & Soil Team

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