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Issue #92: Synthetic multivitamins (the biggest con of all time?)

Hello radical health seekers,

Many industries make a fortune by preying on people’s hopes and fears before fooling them into handing over their hard-earned money.

Plant-based meat products? 


Beauty industry with their toxic products? 


Oat milk? 

Definitely check!

However, one industry that rarely gets called out is the multi-billion synthetic multivitamin industry.

You know the one. They promise a ‘one-a-day’ pill or gummy that delivers all your nutrient needs. 

The big problem is that they lull millions of Americans into a false sense of security about their health.

“I don’t need to feed my child eggs or milk because they get their calcium and B vitamins from Flintstone gummies…”

“So long as I take my Centrum, I can eat pasta and ice cream instead of steak for dinner…”

You see the problem with that?

It’s believed that up to 99% of the biochemical components in our food are yet to be discovered. So thinking we can meet all our nutrient needs from a synthetic multivitamin is naive.

And we know synthetic multivitamins aren’t working as promised because despite 1 in 3 Americans regularly taking one, micronutrient inadequacies are still super common:

  • 92% have a Choline inadequacy
  • 88% have a Vitamin E inadequacy
  • 67% have a Vitamin K inadequacy
  • 50% have a Magnesium inadequacy
  • 43% have a Vitamin A inadequacy


There is a very strong case to be made that nutrients from animal foods like steak, eggs and liver are far superior to the nutrients from synthetic supplements.

This makes perfect sense when you consider the fact that we too, are animals… and have been eating animals since well, forever.

Synthetic vitamins are made from chemical compounds produced in a lab. ​​They often contain very high amounts of nutrients to make up for the body’s inability to absorb them. They also often miss other forms of the vitamins that are usually found in food, which can alter actual absorption and utilization in the body.

In contrast, animal-based nutrients mirror the nutrients already in our bodies, meaning we can make full use of them.

They come in the correct form our bodies have evolved to expect over millions of years, which means they are highly absorbable and bioavailable. This means a little goes a long way.

And they come accompanied by the necessary co-factors, enzymes and synergistic nutrients for optimum utilization.

Let’s take a closer look 👀

Here is a very popular ‘one-a-day’ multivitamin boasting 23 essential nutrients, including Vitamin D and Iron in a single daily capsule:

But an inspection of the ingredients reveals multiple problems:

⚠️ The iron is in the form of ferrous fumarate, a non-heme iron derived from iron salts, which is not the iron our bodies prefer. Because as we mentioned, we are animals, which means the iron in our bodies matches the iron in other animals (such as cows). Therefore, iron from steak, a heme iron found in the protein complexes of hemoglobin and myoglobin, is more bioavailable and easily absorbed.

⚠️ The Vitamin A is 60% beta carotene, an inferior form of Vitamin A. Not only must your body convert it from beta-carotene to vitamin A, but the conversion factor is poor, ranging from 3% to 10%. Instead, Vitamin A from egg yolks or beef liver comes in the form of retinol, which means the conversion rate is effectively 100%!

⚠️ The zinc is zinc oxide, a non-organic form that is industrially synthesized from zinc ore. Contrast this with the organic form of zinc found in whole foods, which is bound to proteins to facilitate its absorption.

⚠️ The Vitamin B12 is in the form of cyanocobalamin, which is a non-bioavailable form of vitamin B12 not found in nature…

⚠️ And the Vitamin K is Phylloquinone, which is Vitamin K1, but it’s actually the Vitamin K2 form you want (found in animal foods!) because it has superior bioavailability and has been shown to be super important to ensure calcium is deposited into our bones and teeth instead of soft tissues where it doesn’t belong.

We could go on down the list and explain why each nutrient found in products like these is inferior to it’s whole food equivalent, but we think you probably get the point by now.

But what about the ‘other ingredients’?

These fillers, binders, stabilizers, solvents and coating agents are nothing more than an assault on our gut. They have no place in the human diet, and are a stark reminder of the vast differences between these multivitamin products and real whole foods.

At Heart & Soil we don’t sell supplements. We sell the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet, freeze-dried in capsules. Our products are made on farms, not in chemical labs. It’s real nutrition from real food, with zero ‘other ingredients’.

There’s a difference, you see?

We’re on a mission to disrupt the massive multivitamin industry (we’re coming for you Centrum) and open people’s eyes to this enormous problem.

Because too many people have been hoodwinked into thinking a ‘one-a-day’ is an appropriate substitute for the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet.

If we can convince more people to swap their synthetic multivitamin for a bottle of Beef Organs, we can make a huge difference in our nation’s health.

Because Beef Organs is what a multivitamin SHOULD be. An incredible source of bioavailable nutrients as close to nature as it gets, in the convenience of capsules.

But we need your help in spreading the message! 

So if you know someone in your life who would benefit from switching to a multivitamin that actually works (Beef Organs), please forward this newsletter to them.

Or better yet, introduce them to our Refer-A-Friend program, where not only will we give them 20% off their first order, but after they purchase, we’ll give you 20% off your next order too 🙌🏼

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Better than a Multi-Vitamin!

I added Beef Organs to my routine and eliminated my whole foods multi-vitamin supplement. 

I noticed such a difference in my mental and physical energy that six months later, I am convinced this will be my new multi-vitamin! 

Thank you for making a superb whole-food supplement to support people’s health journeys!” 

– Sherri R (Beef Organs)

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