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Issue #99: How Ste Does Radical Health

Hello you Radical Health Seekers,

Ste Lane here. Some of you will know me as the host of our podcast Radical Health Radio.

I’m hijacking this weekend’s newsletter to share where I am currently at in my health journey, and what best practices I am working with to optimize performance/recovery/mindset, etc. while still being a human, husband and father to two young boys.

If nothing else this will be cool for me to look back on so I can continue operation “kick last years ass” for as long as possible.

Remember, this is just one man’s health journey. So don’t take what I do or say as gospel 🙂

I’m not perfect. I cut some corners and I’m strict where I need to be. My goal is to live my best life possible and show up everyday as the best version of myself for my wife and boys.


Right now I am sitting around 195 – 200lbs at 5’9 (and a half – everyone needs an extra half inch).

Someone at the gym last week called me a “solid meat cookie”…I will take that. That is the aesthetic I am currently going for. 

Colloquially known in the north of England as a “brick shit house” 

Sitting probably around 12-15% body fat (visible abs pretty much 365)

Current 1 rep max’s in lb’s (I’m American now what can I say!?):

  • Bench: 265
  • Squat: 325 (probably got 350)
  • Front Squat: 275
  • Deadlift: 475 (coming for 500)
  • Weighted chin up: +115
  • (BW Chin up: 15-20)
  • Snatch: 165 (atrocious)
  • Clean: 250
  • Clean & Jerk: 225

Fitness stuff:

  • 2k row: 7:01
  • 5k run: 26:00
  • 7 min mile: easy
  • 3-5 mile pace: 9:30
  • Swim: like a rock
  • Fave cardio: Jiu Jitsu


Currently doing CrossFit 4-5x per week Monday to Friday. 

I have been doing CrossFit for a year and change. I recently went from 89,000 in the world to 9,000th in the world in an online comp called “The Open”.

I will try to do something at home on Sunday (been liking sprints recently…will hit those today (5-8 sprints at 100% effort and intensity, about 10 second sprint).

I do jiu jitsu every once in a blue moon when I hit an open mat or travel to Austin and have friends that want to do the ‘man dance’.

Movement is something you *get* to do, as a celebration of your body. Not something you *have* to do, as punishment to your body, for how you see yourself, for what you ate or for not being enough 💪🏼⁣

You get to move. That is a gift. And if you don’t use it you will lose it. You don’t need to do what I do. Just move that beautiful meat suit of yours everyday.


Animal based diet of course 🔥

Meat, organs, raw dairy, fruit and some honey/maple syrup.

I drink about 2-3 gallons of raw milk EACH WEEK.

I eat 1.5 – 2lbs of meat per day. Most of the time it’s beef.

I smash fruit, especially in the summer, drink fresh pressed OJ.

For my organs I’m currently taking this stack.

I’ll also do fresh beef liver every once in a while (I just neck it raw). 

I eat raw milk homemade ice cream probably 4-5 nights a week.

I make it with raw milk, cream and the yolks from my backyard chickens – it’s the best ice cream I have ever had and if you tried it you’d probably shit your pants it’s that good. I will sell you some for $100 a pint.

I adhere to this framework 90+% of the time.

Occasionally I will indulge in some fancy pizza or smash 5 guys. Once, maybe twice a month. No biggie.

I have been orthorexic in the past – having an unhealthy obsession with health – which is, surprisingly, not healthy. Now I have a very balanced relationship with food and rarely want crap because I feel amazing and very satisfied by what I eat.

Fave steak is ribeye and any other answer is wrong, unsubscribe if you think otherwise

Lifestyle and Routines:

I try to get as much outdoor time as reasonable (with work calls etc). And I aim to get as much sun as possible when outdoors. No I don’t burn. No the sun isn’t bad for you. If you believe that the sun is more dangerous than the known cancer causing chemical slop called sunscreen that you put on your skin, I don’t know what to say to you.

I sleep 7ish hours per night. We co sleep with our babies (best parent hack ever – people who say it’s dangerous…just 😂)

I go down with them around 8pm and wake up 4:15am (I train at 5am)

Yes that is super early. No it’s probably not ideal but what it allows me to do is take care of my business without pulling time away from my family, which is more important, so I suck it up and get it done.

Also – no great man in history wasn’t sleep-deprived…that’s what coffee is for.

Yes I drink coffee – two cups per day. Organic, mold free, double espresso shots pulled through my home Breville barista machine. 

Sometimes I take my second iced with raw milk and maple syrup – try it and thank me later ❤️

I do red light daily – I am convinced it’s an absolute miracle. I use it all over my body for many effects – anti aging, inflammation, collagen increase, increase testosterone when you shine it on your balls (check out this episode of the pod if you’re not yet convinced about red light therapy)

I pretty much only listen to podcasts or audiobooks. My commute to the gym each day is almost 1 hour (round trip) so I habit stack drives with learning.

This is also where I do podcast prep researching episodes of my upcoming guests and brainstorming ideas and questions for them.

I have a standing desk – no that’s not inherently better because you can just stand STILL – stillness is the killer, not sitting.

So I mix it up and try to move around a lot – having a bunch of animals and kids helps this. Something is always broke, trying to kill itself or needs attending to, so I move a decent amount plodding around and getting up and down off the ground.

I am religious about my use of blue blockers because blue light toxicity and the eye is VERY BAD news. You should invest in your eye health seeing as they’re kind of paramount to living a good life. 

Screens suck – I spend too long on them – I know you do too. I am trying to maximize productivity as much as humanly possible so I can spend less time on these god forsaken things. Some days are better than others.

I meditate most days – even if it’s only for 5 mins – the clarity and peace it brings me is immeasurable. 

I wish I did it more to be honest but life moves quick and sometimes it slips through the cracks. 

As the old saying goes – if you don’t have time to meditate for 10 minutes per day you need to meditate for an hour.

I need to follow my own advice better apparently.

I have done a pretty good job of eliminating almost all toxic clothing from my life (polyester and the like). It’s plastic, crap and leaches chemicals that WILL disrupt your endocrine system and hormones.

Polyester slings can make men infertile within 21 days of use “as a safe male contraception” – that’s messed up. Google the polyester sling study 😳

Ladies pay particular close attention – all that lululemon shit you love and plastic thongs up yer butt…not good.

Cotton, free ball or bust. I use NADS undies – they’re the best.

Anyway, I think that’s enough rambling. I hope this inspires you on your own health journey. Remember, messy action is better than inaction. Just get out there and start.

Here’s to your radical health,


Heart & Soil

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That’s all from us this week…

Keep thriving!

The Heart & Soil Team

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