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Part 2: How not to die of chronic disease or COVID (aka how to avoid insulin resistance), with Tommy Wood, MD/PhD

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Tommy Wood MD, PhD is an elite-level professional nerd who has coached world class athletes in a dozen sports.  He has an undergraduate degree in biochemistry from the University of Cambridge, a medical degree from the University of Oxford, and a PhD in physiology and neuroscience from the University of Oslo. Tommy is a Research Assistant Professor at the University of Washington, a Research Scientist at the Institute for Human and Machine cognition, and is on the scientific advisory board of Hintsa Performance. He is also CSO (Chief Snake Officer) at the Costa Rican Center for Bro Research. Tommy lives in Seattle with his wife Elizabeth and their two goofy boxers. In his spare time he can usually be found cooking, reading, or lifting something heavy.

Time Stamps:

10:15 Tommy on Coronavirus.

13:00 Why it’s okay to be wrong as a scientist.

15:00 Where are we now with Coronavirus? (12:24) (14:20-14:59)

22:17 Boris Johnson Moves To Ban Junk Food Discount Deals To Fight Obesity

24:45. Tommy’s article on metabolic health and pandemics.
Metabolic health and lifestyle medicine should be a cornerstone of future pandemic preparedness

Metabolic health and lifestyle medicine should be a cornerstone of future pandemic preparedness

27:45  COVID-19 severity is predicted by earlier evidence of accelerated aging

37:10 Is there an ideologically ‘’perfect’’ diet.

40:25 How does metabolic health affect our immune system? (38:44)


41:47  An elastic-net logistic regression approach to generate classifiers and gene signatures for types of immune cells and T helper cell subsets

42:55 The NLRP3 inflammasome: Role in metabolic disorders and regulation by metabolic pathways

45:15   Analysis and modulation of the TH1/TH2 cytokine balance

46:57  Relationship between neutrophil-lymphocyte ratio and insulin resistance in newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes mellitus patients

56:10. Are ethnic populations at greater risk?

59:10  Impact of obesity and metabolic syndrome on immunity

60:15. Insulin Resistance. 

1:14:50 What causes pathologic insulin resistance?

1:19:07 Polyunsaturated fatty acids (1:19:30) 

1:19:29  Increase of Adipose tissue little lake acid in US adults in the last half century

1:32:29   Tissue levels of polyunsaturated fatty acids during early human development

1:31:52  Differential metabolic effects of saturated versus polyunsaturated fats in ketogenic diets

1:35:52   Dietary a little lake acid elevates endogenous 2-AG anandamide and induces obesity

1:37:10 Saturated fatty acids (studies) (1:50:20)

1:37:33  Effects of step-wise increase in dietary carbohydrate on circulating saturated fatty acids and palmitoleic acid in adults with metabolic syndrome

1:46:14. Dietary stearic acid leads to a reduction of visceral adipose tissue in athymic nude mice

1:47:53 Elevated serum C-reactive protein and free fatty acids among non-diabetic carriers of missense mutations in the gene encoding lamin A/C (LMNA) with partial lipodystrophy.

1:52:31  Muscle and nerve pathology in Dunnigan family partial lipodystrophy

1:54:06  Effects on coronary heart disease of increasing polyunsaturated fat in place of saturated fat: a systemic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials

1:49:45  Effects of 4-hydroxnonenal on vascular endothelial and smooth muscle cell redox signaling and function in health and disease.

2:00:04  Incorporation of 13-hydrooxyoctadecadienoic acid (13-HODE) into epidermal ceramides and phospholipids: phospholipids C-catalyzed release of novel 13 HODE-containing diacylglycerol

2:04:45.  Fructose.

2:06:21  Fructose in perspective

2:11:33  Metabolic effects of fructose and worldwide increase in obesity

2:13:06  The effects of fructose intake on serum uric acid vary among controlled dietary trials,with%20no%20evidence%20of%20heterogeneity.

2:14:32  Effect of fructose on body weight in controlled feeding trials

2:15:16  Effect of fructose on blood pressure. A systematic review and met analysis of controlled feeding trials.

2:06:44  Challenging the fructose hypothesis: new perspectives on fructose consumption and metabolism

2:20:35  Substituting honey for refined carbohydrates protects rats from hypertriglyceridemic and pro oxidative effects of fructose.

2:26:40 Tomy’s experience on a nose to tail carnivore diet.

2:32:10 Where to find Tommy online/the most radical thing he has done recently.

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