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The carnivore vs omnivore friendly debate with Chris Masterjohn, PhD., part I

Chris has a PhD in nutritional sciences, which he earned in 2012, from the University of Connecticut. He then did a post-doctoral fellowship before serving as an assistant professor at Brooklyn College until he decided to leave academia and do research on his own. He currently produces a radical podcast, Mastering Nutrition, writes about all kinds of cool stuff at, trains BJJ and loves his liver and egg yolks. 

Chris’ contact info 

Insta: @chrismasterjohnphd

Twitter: @chrismasterjohnphd


13:14 Dioxins in food. 

19:15 Dioxins in organic animal food. 

21:23 Methionine to Glycine ratio.

32:10 Nutritional deficiencies in paleolithic people.

34:10 Bio individuality/diversity

42:46 Deficiencies that arise from eating only muscle meat.

44:05 Vitamin C

51:10 Weston A. Price/the Arctic/scurvy risk.

1:03:10 Ketogenic diets, oxidative stress, and vitamin c. 

1:04:47 Insulin

1:12:32 Antioxidant status.

1:29:07 Folate.

1:32:53 Riboflavin.

1:37:14 Manganese.

1:40:08 Dextrose powder.

1:44:07 Potassium/sodium.

2:01:40 Hunter gatherer diets now vs. 80 000 years ago.

2:10:40 The Maasai.

2:15:45 Vitamin K

2:25:40 The most radical thing Chris has done recently. 

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