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Tommy Wood, MD, PhD. Should you worry about ApoE4 on a keto/carnivore diet and how to avoid Alzheimer’s disease.

Tommy Wood MD, PhD is an elite-level professional nerd who has coached world class athletes in a dozen sports.  He has an undergraduate degree in biochemistry from the University of Cambridge, a medical degree from the University of Oxford, and a PhD in physiology and neuroscience from the University of Oslo. Tommy is a Research Assistant Professor at the University of Washington, a Research Scientist at the Institute for Human and Machine cognition, and is on the scientific advisory board of Hintsa Performance. He is also CSO (Chief Snake Officer) at the Costa Rican Center for Bro Research. Tommy lives in Seattle with his wife Elizabeth and their two goofy boxers. In his spare time he can usually be found cooking, reading, or lifting something heavy.

Time stamps

8:27 APOE4 Gene

11:37 Background on APO lipoproteins 

15:00 APOC3

15:47 APO interference on LDL receptors 


19:17 Insulin resistance and LDL residence time(reverse causation).

20:37 Metabolic Disease of the American Population.

22:07 David Foster Wallace, “This is Water”

24:18 Is Insulin Resistance driving LDL reten?

28:09 What is  APOE doing in the periphery?

29:08 Immunologic functions of lipoproteins. 

30:46 Are higher levels of LDL protective?

32:07 How higher total cholesterol predicts longevity in a “normal” person.

33:38 APOE and the brain.

34:47 Ketones as precursor for cholesterol synthesis.

35:27 Newborns and ketosis.

36:05 Glucose,ketones, and cholesterol.

37:12 Glial cells in the brain.

40:22 How the APOE genes differ.

44:57 Why are people told not to eat high saturated fat when they have the APOE4 gene?

47:37 Confusion around keto/carnivore diets raising total cholesterol 

49:17 The Bolivian Tsimonae.

53:52 APOE and evolutionary history.

54:19 Evolutionary pressure and longevity.

56:02 Miki Ben-Dor’s findings on longevity of our ancestors.

57:40 Why APOE4 is beneficial from an infection standpoint.

1:00:10 Difference between refined and unrefined saturated fat.

1:03:02 Liquid fats effect on the gut.

1:03:17 Statins.

1:04::54 COQ10 levels in carnivores.

1:07:02 Lipophilic statins.

1:08:40 Statins and Dementia.

1:09:14 Amyloid hypothesis of Alzheimer’s.

1:14:22 Problems with western medical education.

1:15:13 How is the system broken?

1:16:17 Insulin Resistance and Alzheimer’s.

1:24:42 What is brain insulin resistance?

1:29:29 Summary 

1:32:57 The most radical thing Tommy has done recently. 

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Twitter: @drragnar

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