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Will eating an animal based diet over-activate mTOR? With James Clement

James W. Clement is a lawyer and entrepreneur turned research scientist who has devoted the last two decades to understanding the science of life extension. He is best known for his Supercentenarian Research Study, which he started in 2010 with Professor George M. Church of Harvard Medical School and has received international press coverage. Through worldwide scientific collaborations and in his own laboratory, James focuses on advancing cutting-edge biomedical discoveries. He is the founder of the nonprofit Betterhumans biomedical research organization. Led by a collection of high-profile researchers, the organization focuses on bringing cutting edge scientific discoveries from the lab to the clinic. Clement was the 12th person in the world to have his whole genome sequenced and is Personal Genome Project participant #145

Time Stamps:

10:10 Start of podcast 

10:50 What type of research is James doing and how does it relate to aging?

12:55 Compression of morbidity. 

23:50 Feedlot meat and processed foods (23:50-24:35)

25:50 Super centenarian studies.

28:25 Observations on what super centenarians have in common.

31:40 Laron Dwarfs and IGF1 (22:00-22:45)

33:30 Should we over stimulate IGF1?

37:10 Measuring IGF1

39:40 Blue Zones and centenarian diets

42:50 Intermittent Hypoxia 

46:40 Over fasting, finding a good balance.

51:40 Environmental hormesis 

52:50 Okinawans 

55:40 Confounding variables.

1:00:25 mTor/ketosis and glycogen depletion in the liver. 

1:03:40 Animal based diets and intermittent ketosis.

1:06:10 James’ thoughts on the carnivore diet.

1:10:55 Lack of nutrients in a plant based diet.

1:12:30 Benefits of prolonged ketosis in morbidly obese.

1:16:10 Protein sparing modified fast benefits.

1:20:10 Calorie restricted pure vegan diet.

1:22:00 Dexa scan.

1:25:50 James’s insulin levels.

1:27:40 AGEs (advanced glycation end products)

1:34:10 Stress and glucose levels.

1:38:50 Does too much protein harm the kidneys?

1:45:10 Protein cycling.

1:46:34 Occasional long term fasting benefits.

1:47:35 Loma Linda sperm quality.

1:49:40 Carnivore diet for longevity.

1:52:20 Issues with studies comparing meat eaters vs. non meat eaters.

1:54:00 The most radical thing James has done recently.

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