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14 Delicious Animal-Based Thanksgiving Recipes (Including Desserts!)

Today, we’re sharing some delicious animal-based Thanksgiving recipes. 

It can be challenging to stay healthy over the holidays, given all the temptations to indulge in the traditional Thanksgiving foods. The good news is, most Thanksgiving dishes are already animal-based. And for the dishes that aren’t animal-based, we have some creative (and tasty) alternatives that everyone will love. With a few minor tweaks to recipes, it’s possible to have a delicious Thanksgiving meal without sacrificing your health goals!

Here are some animal-based Thanksgiving recipes you can make this year:

  • Turkey 
  • Stuffing
  • Cranberry Sauce
  • Gravy
  • Charcuterie Board with Meats, Cheese & Fruit
  • Butternut Squash with Maple Butter
  • Mashed Sweet Potatoes
  • Butternut Squash Soup
  • Pumpkin Ice Cream 
  • Stewed Apples
  • Roasted Pears
  • Apple Pumpkin Cloud Cake
  • Organic Dates with Butter
  • Pumpkin Pie

First, we’ll focus on an appetizer, then everyone’s favorite Thanksgiving staples. Let’s get cooking! 


Charcuterie Board

Create a spread with all your animal-based favorites like olives, a variety of cheeses, cured meats, and organic fruits of your choice. 

Thanksgiving recipes


Grass-fed & finished beef sausage
Raw cheeses
Fruit (fresh or dried)

Thanksgiving Staples

What kind of Thanksgiving recipes blog would this be without a Turkey? 

Thanksgiving recipes

Good news. Turkey is considered animal-based, but there are some caveats.

Technically, Turkeys are monogastric animals (like chicken and pork), meaning they are predominantly fed corn and soy rich diets, resulting in unnaturally high linoleic acid levels which gets stored in their fat. There is strong evidence to show that excess linoleic acid consumption is the primary driver of metabolic dysfunction and chronic illness. 

We suggest sourcing a pasture-raised, corn and soy free turkey. Check out these options below for sourcing a high-quality Turkey:

  • Eat Wild: A great website that will connect you with a local farmer in your area!
  • White Oak Pastures is taking pre-orders for small, medium, and large pasture-raised Turkeys! 
  • Northstar Bison sells corn-and-soy-free turkey that comes in a variety of sizes.
  • US Wellness Meats is another provider of pasture-raised Turkeys which aren’t exposed to antibiotics or GMOs.

Once you source your turkey, the hard part is over and the fun begins. Our friend Ashley Rothstein recently posted several of her favorite Thanksgiving recipes like stuffing, cranberry sauce and gravy.

Animal-Based Stuffing

She created this incredible animal-based stuffing with simple ingredients like eggs, bone broth, apples, and bacon. 


Ground Pork 
Sugar-free bacon
Kabocha squash
Yellow onion (optional)
Bone broth
Apple cider vinegar
Grass-fed ghee

3 Ingredient Cranberry Sauce

Ashley also came up with a simple three-ingredient cranberry sauce. It’s about as healthy as cranberry sauce gets! 


Orange Juice
Maple Syrup (or Raw Honey)


At this point, you’re probably wondering, where is the gravy? Not to worry, because Ashley has got you covered on this staple as well!


Bone broth
Turkey drippings or water (optional) 
Cold water (for blooming gelatin)
Raw butter
Beef gelatin
Raw milk (or cream)
Herbs & spices (optional)

Side Dishes

The traditional sides like dinner rolls and green bean casserole are probably best left out of your Thanksgiving meal in our opinion. But there are plenty of tasty side dishes that just so happen to be animal-based. 

Here are a few of our favorites!

Hasselbeck Butternut Squash

Hasselbeck butternut squash with maple butter: it’s a unique-looking dish and it’s packed with flavor! 


Butternut squash
Raw Butter
Sage & Rosemary (optional)
Maple Syrup
Olive Oil

Mashed Sweet Potatoes

This will generally consist of sweet potatoes, milk, salt and butter. Feel free to add some maple syrup or raw honey for additional flavor!

Thanksgiving recipes

Butternut Squash Soup

Butternut squash soup only calls for a few ingredients and tastes great when topped with crispy bacon bits and sour cream!


Butternut squash
Avocado oil
Chicken broth
Grass-fed heavy cream (preferred) or coconut milk
Bacon (optional)


If you still have room left in your stomach and haven’t fallen asleep yet from all the tryptophan… then it’s time for some dessert! 

Pumpkin Ice Cream

Pumpkin Ice Cream is made with raw milk, pastured eggs, organic pumpkin puree, Ceylon cinnamon, and maple syrup or raw honey. If you don’t have an ice cream maker, a blender can also work well – as Dr. Paul explains in this video.

Thanksgiving recipes


Raw Milk
Raw Cream
Raw Honey
Pumpkin puree

Stewed Apples

These are great and will remind everyone of apple pie! Low prep time and a guaranteed crowd favorite. 


Chopped (peeled & cored) organic apples of choice
Raw butter
Squeeze of lemon juice
Ceylon cinnamon
Prep is simple! 

Just chop up the apples, add cinnamon to taste, a squeeze of lemon and stir. Serve cold or heat it up in the oven or on the stove for a few minutes.

Roasted Pears

Roasted pears go great with some homemade raw milk ice cream on top.

P.S. If you need help finding raw milk in your area, feel free to check out this site!


Pears (slightly underripe)
Raw butter (unsalted)
Raw Honey
Balsamic Vinegar

Apple Pumpkin Cloud Cake

Apple Pumpkin Cloud Cake: this contains organic unsweetened applesauce, organic pumpkin puree, organic pumpkin pie spice, pasture-raised bovine gelatin + raw whipped cream (made by whipping heavy cream with maple syrup or honey, and real vanilla extract). This recipe is a crowd favorite at Heart & Soil gatherings.

Thanksgiving recipes




Organic Dates with Butter

This one is a crowd favorite at Heart & Soil HQ, no matter what time of year it is.

Organic dates with butter: cut dates in half, remove the pit, and add grass-fed butter. Simple and delicious.

Thanksgiving recipes


Grass-Fed Butter

Pumpkin Pie

An animal-based pumpkin pie is possible, after all! 


Ground pork
Pork rinds
Grass-fed ghee (or butter)
Maple Syrup
Pumpkin puree
Raw milk (or cream)
Maple syrup (or raw honey)
Pumpkin spice

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hopefully, these Thanksgiving recipes give you some great ideas to work with! 

Have a fantastic Thanksgiving. We’d love to hear about any other animal-based recipes you incorporate into your holiday festivities. 

Feel free to share them with us on social media (just tag @Heartandsoilsupplements on Instagram) or in our animal-based community. 

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