6 Eye-Opening Benefits of Bone Marrow (Why's It So Special?)

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6 Eye-Opening Benefits of Bone Marrow (Why’s It So Special?)

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Have you ever wondered what people ate thousands of years ago? An ancient cave outside Tel Aviv, Israel, helps us answer this question. 

Researchers uncovered evidence that early Paleolithic humans (over 12,000 years ago) were storing and eating animal bone marrow (1)! 

The benefits of bone marrow aren't fully understood, but it's been eaten for thousands of years

This fatty tissue is found near the center of animal bones and generally comes from lambs, buffalo, caribou, or cows. 

While most people might not be aware of the benefits of bone marrow, it’s worth revisiting why this food has been sought after for millennia! 

6 Benefits of Bone Marrow

The benefits of bone marrow are diverse. Bone marrow was a key aspect of a prehistoric diet and had various other important uses (2). It was used traditionally as fuel for lighting, to treat bowstrings, and to waterproof animal skins (3). 

The bone marrow benefits don’t stop there. It is also more nutrient-dense compared to muscle meat and can be used to make bone broth (4). 

Bone marrow can be used to make bone broth

Researchers still do not fully understand the complete picture of bone marrow nutritional facts, but the powerful nutrients can… 

1. Support your immune system

When you eat beef bone marrow, you get alkylglycerols, which can boost your immune system (5). You’ll also find a vital piece of the innate immune system called neutrophils (6).

2. Promote metabolic health

Adiponectin in bone marrow promotes cardiovascular and metabolic health (7). This hormone has been studied extensively (over 15,000 studies!) and is thought to promote insulin sensitivity and have anti-diabetic and anti-cancer effects (8, 9).

Adiponectin can also positively impact inflammation and vascular function and help eliminate carcinogenic cells in the body (10, 11). 

3. Support your bones & joints 

Bone marrow provides the compound glucosamine, which plays an important role in supporting cartilage, joints and is even prescribed for osteoarthritis (12, 13, 14). It is also a rich source of fatty acids that assist with building bones (15).

Bone marrow also offers conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), which benefits bone and calcium metabolism (16).                  

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4. Protect your skin

Woman in a hammock enjoying the sun

Bone marrow contains essential fatty acids that can nourish skin cells (17) and selenium, which protects skin from damage after UV light exposure (18, 19). Selenium has even been shown to improve psoriasis symptoms (20, 21).

5. Provide healthy fats 

Another health benefit of bone marrow is its rich source of fatty acids (like EPA & DHA) that boost energy and mood (22, 23).

6. Support blood cell production 

Not only do alkylglycerols support the immune system, but they also play a role in red blood cell formation (24). 

The nutritional value of cow bone marrow is boosted by growth factors and peptides that can promote red blood cell formation (25, 26). New blood cells are also produced in the bone marrow (27). 

The Many Health Benefits of Bone Marrow…

As a fantastic source of fat, peptides, and more, the nutrients in bone marrow have been treasured for thousands of years. 

Bone marrow is not only delicious, but it’s also highly accessible. You can find bone marrow at your local butcher shop, Whole Foods, or farmers markets

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