Are Heart & Soil Organ Supplements Safe? (The Truth)

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Are Heart & Soil Organ Supplements Safe? (The Truth)

MEDICAL DISCLAIMER: The information in this blog is for educational purposes only. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Consult your healthcare provider if you’re seeking medical advice, diagnoses, or treatment. 

In our modern world, it’s common to hear “are organ supplements safe?”

The truth is, our ancestors have been eating them for millions of years, without issue. It’s only in recent history (since the industrial revolution) that our diets changed and we’ve started to get used to new foods… foods that are causing massive health problems. So how can you reintroduce organs back into your life?

Here’s the thing: when your body experiences a new substance, such as medicine or food, for the first time, you may notice changes. 

Most people aren’t accustomed to eating organ meats, which differ from muscle meats in important, beneficial ways. However, some people still have trouble digesting or processing the desiccated organ meats in Heart & Soil supplements.

We expect you to feel better taking our supplements, and it’s reasonable for you to expect the same thing. 

What this article covers…

  1. Why do some people experience side effects at first? 
  2. Real food or synthetic supplement?
  3. A dosage protocol for those experiencing sensitivities 
  4. Insight for those with histamine intolerance
  5. How to contact our team for further guidance

Are Organ Supplements Safe?

Although rare, some individuals experience discomfort or adverse reactions when they start taking Heart & Soil (H&S) supplements. The symptoms are usually mild but can feel disconcerting. 

The body has many natural detoxification pathways that require nutrients uncommonly found in the average daily diet of modern humans. Including nutrient-dense animal meat and organs can jumpstart these vital processes, and some people experience detox-related symptoms such as headaches, rashes, fatigue, or GI irritation.

Some people can take the suggested dosage right away without issue. The reality is that many people can’t and require a different approach, which we’ll outline below. 

Regardless of what anyone says, if you have concerns about the symptoms you’re experiencing, please stop taking the supplement and consult a physician

Real Food or Synthetic Supplements?

organ supplements safe

Although our products appear similar to many over-the-counter supplements, they differ fundamentally. 

All H&S supplements are encapsulated food (desiccated organs in a gelatin capsule). We don’t use synthetic vitamins, minerals, or other substances. “Desiccated” means our products are 100% freeze-dried soon after being harvested. They are fresh and never treated with chemicals or preservatives. From that standpoint, our supplements are comparable to other foods that may cause sensitivities. 

Whatever the cause, there’s no question that some peoples’ bodies are highly reactive to unfamiliar substances (even if they’re high-quality).

When relieving these symptoms and using H&S supplements, a thoughtful approach is the best.

How to Increase Your Dosage (Without Side Effects)

Barring an allergy to meat (such as alpha-gal), the most likely scenario is that your body is not used to processing the organs in your supplements. The variation in the gut microbiome is vast — meaning your ability to digest and uptake nutrients is unique. 

The adjustment period typically lasts a few days and rarely more than a few weeks. During this time, take extra care to nourish your body, hydrate, rest, and avoid processed foods. One of the most effective solutions we’ve seen is titrating your dosage (slowly increase based on your body’s reaction). 

Gradual exposure allows your body to ramp up digestion and process unfamiliar substances. If your reaction to the supplements re-emerges at any point in this journey, dial back your dosage for another week. 

Try this common protocol for increasing your dosage:

protocol for increasing organ supplement dosage

We suggest using a weeklong pill container to track what you’ve taken and loading a week’s worth of capsules at once. 

One serving of our organ meat supplements contains the nutrient equivalent of 1 oz of fresh organ meats, and we generally suggest that people eat 1-2oz of organ meats daily. We generally feel that two full servings of any of our organ meat supplements plus one serving of each non-organ meat supplement (ie. Firestarter, Bone Matrix, Immunomilk) are adequate.

That said, everyone is different. We encourage people to experiment and find what works best for their unique physiology.    

Are Heart & Soil Supplements Good for Detox?

Detoxification happens primarily through the body’s filtration and elimination mechanisms. For example, blood filtration through the liver, kidneys, and bladder and fecal elimination through the intestines. Despite the popularity of detox supplements, there needs to be more clinical research to support the claims those supplements make. 

While H&S supplements are not “detoxifying” substances, they do support the function of the liver and kidneys. As mentioned above, certain foods and nutrients can impact the activity of detoxification pathways (1). This can result in temporary, yet unpleasant symptoms as toxins are removed from your body. 

Thus, it’s reasonable to expect that if you’re providing your body with nutrients that improve the function of those systems, you might also experience discomfort or unusual sensations associated with the change.

Are Organ Supplements Safe for Histamine Intolerance?

Yes, organ supplements are safe for histamine intolerance. Not only are they safe, but they can be beneficial.

We commonly work with people who have histamine intolerance. 

The human body produces histamine reacting to foreign substances such as pollen or other allergens. It’s an immune response that can overwhelm your system.

Age and heat can increase histamine levels in food, which is why some people may have issues with bone broth and organ meats. 

Our products are 100% freeze-dried almost immediately after being harvested. This process minimizes the production of histamine, and even those who report extreme sensitivity to histamines in food have commented favorably about the tolerability of our products.

If you have histamine issues, we suggest following the gradual dose increase outlined above.

Still Need Help? Reach Out!

If you’re still having issues taking Heart & Soil supplements, please contact our team at Heart & Soil

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