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Nose-to-Tail Nourishment: the #1 Most Nutrient-Dense Foods on the Planet

Seek Nature’s Most Nourishing Foods

Organ meats are the most nutrient-dense foods we can eat and have been uniquely treasured by generations of our ancestors. That is why we preach nose-to-tail nourishment.

Amongst our tribe at Heart & Soil, we believe that the nutrients we put into our body have a huge effect on our overall well being, and are the biggest determinant in how much ass we kick day in and day out.

Community, movement, sunlight, and finding our purpose (which for us is helping you thrive in the deepest way possible these days) are also critical, and on the “Our Story” page you’ll learn more about these pieces of my life and those I surround myself with. At our core, we believe that the single greatest lever in health and disease is how we eat.

Seek Nature's Most Nourishing Foods

Nose-to-Tail Nourishment

If you get one thing right, become passionately focused on the quality of the foods you “hunt” and I guarantee that you will see profound positive change in your overall health that will cascade into all of the other areas of your life. When you consume the highest quality foods (akin to our ancestors hunting the biggest and most sought after game), you will thrive- I know this with every fiber of my being and it is why I do what I do with Heart & Soil, my book, my podcast and all of my social media. My “why” is sharing with you, and as many people possible (Thousands? Hundreds of thousands? Millions?) the truths that I have discovered on my own journey.

1. Animal foods are the most nutrient rich nourishment on the planet.

They are an absolute part of the human diet if we seek vitality, vigor, and ass-kickery. They have also been unjustly maligned by the mainstream media based on misleading epidemiology (you can read all about this in my book, The Carnivore Code.)

2. Plants exist on a spectrum of toxicity and contain defense chemicals (phytoalexins) that may be damaging and toxic for many individuals.

In order to survive their co-evolution with animals, insects, and fungi over the last 450 million years, plants needed to develop chemicals that protect them from unabated predation. For many people, elimination of some or all of these chemicals will lead to a higher quality of life.

At Heart & Soil, We’re All About These Truths

Our supplements are 100% animal based and contain zero plant based products or fillers.

They are also sourced from the finest animals on the planet, raised on regenerative farms in the pristine lands of New Zealand and soon from regenerative farms right here at home in the United States.

But the story doesn’t end there. When our currently living indigenous people hunt animals, and when our predecessors hunted animals, they didn’t just eat the muscle meat. They ate the spoils of their sacred hunting rites in their entirety, from nose-to-tail. Consuming animals in this way and wasting nothing, shows great respect for the fundamental circle of life and death that we all participate in, and we now know that from a nutritional biochemistry perspective it provides our body with all of the nutrients we need to thrive.

What a beautifully elegant truth that everything, every vitamin, mineral, peptide, protein, and co-factor that the human body needs to function optimally can be obtained from consuming animals in their entirety. Our ancestors knew this, but it’s a sacred idea that’s been lost between recent generations, and the health effects within our culture are profoundly negative.

Over 40% of our brothers and sisters now meet the formal criteria for obesity, and only an elite 12% of our population can truly be considered metabolically healthy (CDC Obesity Report 2017-2018, Metabolically Unhealthy)!

It is no hyperbole when I say that this is absolutely because we have forsaken the nutritional wisdom of our forefathers and foremothers.

We have traded nose to tail animal foods for ultra processed carbohydrates, sugars and vegetable oils that invariably lead to the smoldering inflammation that underlies the rampant epidemics of autoimmunity and chronic disease we now face as a greater human tribe.

How Do We Correct These Missteps And Remember The Wisdom Of Our Predecessors?

Seek Nature's Most Nourishing Foods

Eating meat from properly raised animals is a great start, but it’s only part of the equation. To truly obtain ALL of the nutrients you need to thrive, organs like liver, bone marrow, spleen, heart, kidney, thymus, intestines, and testicle are crucial. Muscle meat has lots of nutrition, but it doesn’t have everything.

On the product pages for our carefully crafted supplements you’ll find a wealth of information about all the nutrients, peptides and growth factors that are uniquely found in meaningful quantities in organs how these special “vital-mins” help us live radically.

Though organs are foreign to many of us, I am deeply committed and incredibly passionate about helping make them more available for you and your family. On the “Our Story” page you’ll find a video of how I eat in a day- fresh organ meats are a critical part of my diet. If you can eat them fresh this is always the best, but if this is challenging for you, or you’re looking to be even more radical, our desiccated supplements (low temperature dehydration preserves as many of the key nutrients as possible) will absolutely support your journey to optimal health.

If you are reading this, there’s a very good chance that you’ve discovered the value of nose to tail animal foods in your diet and are ready for a change within your own life and to be a beacon of change for those around you. If you believe what we believe, now is the time for you to join our tribe, we’ve been waiting for you.

We can’t wait to celebrate the reclamation of your ancestral birthright to radical health, strength, and vitality by including the most nutrient rich foods on the earth in your diet by consuming the organ meats in our supplements.

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