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Spark your weight loss. Targeted support for fat burning, appetite control, and nutrient absorption.
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Reclaim Your Vitality

At Heart & Soil we believe that animal meat and organs are the most nutrient rich foods on the planet, and that they provide all the vitamins, minerals, and growth factors that we need to thrive.

This knowledge has been passed down between generations of our ancestors who have always treasured animal foods above all sources of nourishment. Our predecessors didn’t just eat muscle meat. While a grass fed steak is a delicious part of our diet, this is only part of the equation.

If we truly want to attain optimal health and kick as much butt as possible, eating animals from nose to tail is key. Consuming organ meats in addition to muscle meat provides a complete complement of nutrients and honors the animals we are so blessed to be nourished by.

Simply put, animal foods eaten nose to tail are the ultimate human multivitamin, containing all of the nutrients we need to thrive in the most bioavailable forms without any of the toxins found in plant foods.

Introducing: fire starter

One of the most treasured organs from regeneratively raised, grass-fed, grass-finished New Zealand cattle in one amazingly powerful supplement


100% Grass Fed Suet rendered to form tallow contains valuable nutrients and fat-soluble vitamins that support weight loss and healthy body composition, energy, exercise performance, mood, insulin sensitivity and mitochondrial fat-burning.

Made with the Highest standards

Nutrients in Grass-Fed Suet

Key Nutrients in Suet:

  • Stearic Acid.

    A crucial fatty acid that turns on mitochondrial fat-burning cells to help with weight and energy.
  • Essential fatty acids.

    Support immune and cardiovascular health, as well as healthy weight management.
  • Vitamin K2.

    A critical fat-soluble vitamin that supports cardiovascular health, bone health, and anticarcinogenic activities.
  • Vitamin E.

    A powerful fat-soluble vitamin that acts like as an antioxidant to fight inflammation, as well as supports cardiovascular, immune, eye, and skin health.


  • Absolutely NO stearates, lubricants, binders, fillers, or flow agents.

  • 100% Hormone, anitibiotic, pesticide & GMO free.

  • Allergen free.

  • Desiccated to preserve real nutrients.

  • Pure nose to tail nourishment.

What are Peptides?

Peptides are small molecules composed of less than 50 amino acids that serve valuable signaling roles in the human body.

Our understanding of these compounds is in its infancy, but there is already a large amount of interest in them. These special molecules occur naturally in organ meats.

We believe that these distinctive signaling molecules may underlie many of the unique benefits observed with consumption of organs. Science is finally beginning to unravel the mysteries our ancestors appreciated instinctively.

Ancestral Use Of These Organs

It is well-known that our ancestors cherished fat as a vital source of nutrients and energy to achieve optimal performance...

Well-known paleoanthropologist and PhD, Miki Ben-Dor, explored various traditional cultures and emphasized fat being a vital source of fuel as well as a health promoter. “In line with evidence for the importance of dietary animal fat in prehistoric and traditional societies, the studied traditional societies perceived animal fat as a vital component of their diet and a profound source of health rather than an impediment to health as it is presented in many dietary recommendations today.” Miki Ben-Dor, Tel Aviv University.

Weston A. Price was a Canadian dentist who dedicated his life to the study of various cultures found throughout the world and the relationship between nutrition, dental and physical health. In his book Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, he noted that tribes free of disease and in robust health had a great deal of animal products and organ meats and fat in their diet. Of the Indians of northern Canada, “An essential characteristic of the successful dietary programs of primitive races has been found to relate to a liberal source of fat-soluble vitamins… Fat-soluble vitamins are found most abundantly in the fat of animals and in their organs.”

“There is a direct correlation between brain size and nutrition needs… Humans required high quality, dense nutrition such as animal fat to develop and maintain their large brains and bodies.” Dr. Bill Schneider, KetoCon Online 2020

“Eskimos eat liberally of animal fats from fish and marine animals. On their native diet they are free of disease and are exceptionally hardy.” Sally Fallon, Nourishing Fats

“Heavy reliance on animal sourced foods, including animal fat, was critical to the evolution of our brains.” Eat Meat. Not Too Little. Mostly Fat., The Facultative Carnivore, L. Amber O’Hearn

“The marrow was full of fat and was usually eaten raw. The Indians knew how to strike the femur bone so that it would split open and reveal the delicate interior flesh…. Sometimes the Indians selected only the fatty parts of the animal, throwing the rest away…. All of the foods considered important for reproduction and all of the foods considered sacred were animal foods, rich in fat.” Sally Fallon, Gut And Grease.

“Particularly for the hunting class of Masai males… it was a cultural practice that they avoided all vegetable food. They prided themselves in never eating anything but blood meat and fat. Based on the descriptions of Orr and Gilks, they were eating...About 30% protein and 65% fat.” Steve Phinney, Pemmican and Indigenous Diets


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Becky G.
United States United States
Crazy Carnivore

Fire Starter is awesome , I noticed my energy levels go up almost immediately, I’ve been pairing this with a mostly carnivore diet. I started out trying Fire Starter and Heart of The Warrior. I ran out for a bit in between orders and definitely felt the difference. On my second time ordering I ordered both of these along with Bone Matrix and immuno milk. I’m a crosssfiter so I’ve always supplemented with amino acids , but these seem like a great replacement. At the beginning of the year I started a 75 day challenge doing whole 30 and then heard Paul Saladino on Rogan and decided to try carnivore for the last 40 ish days I would say. It’s been pretty amazing, energy is way up I feel 25 , I barely notice my cycle which is awesome too. I grew up in Montana hunting and eating a lot of meat and slowly regressed from that way of life, living on the East Coast. The last few years I was eating less and less meat and more veggies and fruit “ plant based butter” almond milk etc. and was wondering why I felt the way I did. I thought it was because I’m almost 35, hahaha which is ridiculous I’ve realized. Not anymore. I’m back on real butter and fat, meat and eggs and these awesome supplements . I also leaned out. I feel great. My boyfriend thinks I’m a little more aggressive with eating so much meat but I think he stole that from Rogan haha. Thank-you for the work you do!

United States United States
Super good stuff!!

Wonderful product! I consume 20 or more at a time. Let them melt in my mouth for a bit before chewing them, which i find activates the sweet taste from the gelatin capsules. They taste super delicious and satisfying. It curbs my appetite nicely and gives me extra energy throughout the day.

Daniel M.
United States United States
A few broken caples

I enjoy using these products. This time a few of the capsules in the bottle were split open. May have happened during transport. Other than that I enjoy the product very much.

Joseph B.
United States United States
Heart and soil is the best

Love this stuff it’s what you need in your life!!!

Jack S.
United States United States
Cant tell a difference

I got this for my 72 year old mom and she's been taking it 2 weeks and lost a pound. She eats healthy and is active but so far Firestarter has done nothing. Her face felt flushed a few times at the beginning but other than that she can't tell she's taking anything.

Heart & Soil Supplements

Hi Jack, We appreciate you leaving this review for us. We truly consider you and your mom a part of our tribe and want to ensure you have the best experience possible. If you feel our supplement has not provided her with the value she desires we would love to issue you a full refund. There are so many factors to consider when it comes to weight loss. Sleep, sunlight, exercise, stress, and nutrition all play vital roles. While saturated fats like stearic acid found in our product will support healthy weight loss it is equally as important to avoid seed oils and potentially even the most offensive plant foods (leaves, stems, seeds, nuts, grains, and legumes). The other crucial aspect of this supplement is to enhance the absorption of the fat-soluble nutrients found in all of our organ products. If you could, please reach back out to us directly and we would love the opportunity to help you even further. Perhaps, we can work together to find a different product that will even be a better fit for your mom! All you have to do is email us with your order ID number and we can get you that refund lickity split. We look forward to hearing from you! Best, The Heart & Soil Crew