Animal-Based Success Stories: "How I Lost 80 Pounds!"

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Animal-Based Success Stories: “How I Lost 80 Pounds!”

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Our latest animal-based success story is Rick, an animal-based community member from Alabama. As a former collegiate football and baseball player, Rick wound up in a spot where he wasn’t happy with his physical fitness or appearance. 

With the help of an animal-based diet and a consistent exercise routine, Rick lost 80 pounds and recently finished in 1st place in his age group for a half marathon.

Rick lost 80 pounds and won his age group for a half marathon

Let’s take a closer look at his amazing transformation! 

How did you discover the animal-based diet?

“I discovered the AB diet in January of ’23 when I began searching for a sustainable way to drop my weight and become more active. I read a book called WHY WE GET FAT and decided processed food, grains, and sugar were the reason I couldn’t lose weight. 

I came across your website and Dr. Saladino and decided AB was the best and most sustainable plan of attack.”

The animal-based diet is a popular weight-loss option as it cuts out potentially problematic foods but provides the flexibility needed to stick with the program. When paired with lifestyle factors like prioritizing sleep, adequate sun exposure, and exercise, the weight can fall off and stay off. 

Did you have any reservations/concerns before trying animal-based? 

“I had zero reservations about going AB. I had done my research, and I am a very, ‘let’s move forward’, kinda guy. I knew I had to be all in to make it work. So I jumped in it completely with no looking back.”

What was your main motivation for going animal-based?

“I wanted to go AB mostly to lose weight. I have also done a lot of research on longevity, and I want to be around for my family. I had tried almost everything else. 

I am a former collegiate athlete, and I was ashamed of my appearance and fitness level. I was done with feeling that way.”

What did your diet and lifestyle look like prior to being animal-based? Did any other weight loss strategies work for you? 

“It’s crazy because I thought I had an active lifestyle as a high school football coach. In reality, I was very sedentary. My diet was anything that was easy. Processed foods and lots of beer. 

I lost a lot of weight 12 years ago, counting calories, but it was not sustainable. I always felt weak and run down. I put all the weight back on and then some. Ballooning up to about 287 at in February 2023.”

A before and after photo of Rick's weight loss journey

Another reason why animal-based dieters often meet their weight loss goals is because this method doesn’t rely on calorie restriction for weight loss. Excessive fasting and calorie restriction can surely lead to weight loss but can disrupt hormones, satiety, energy, and libido. 

Our approach is to give your body what it’s truly seeking in the form of nutrient-dense foods, movement, and stress reduction. 

What challenges did you experience? How did you overcome them? 

“I actually loved the change, and my challenges were minimal. I had a very supportive family. At dinner, I just ate the meat. 

Meal planning was key, and making the time to do that was maybe the biggest challenge. However, meal prep was a scheduled event for me on Sunday, and making it part of my schedule eliminated any trouble.”

What advice would you give to someone facing similar challenges? 

“My biggest piece of advice would be the meal prepping. Don’t let time and circumstance dictate what you put into your body. Instead, you dictate the time for meal prepping. Life gets busy, make it a priority over everything. 

Decide for yourself what is going to be important. Career goals are great, but who cares about any of them if you aren’t healthy enough to enjoy success? Your family deserves you best. Make the time to prepare.”

Busy schedules may impede your progress, whether you want to lose weight or improve your energy levels. Our animal-based diet food list is a helpful tool to plan your meals in advance. 

It provides you with the resources needed to find success on an animal-based diet (and a discount code for our supplements)!

What are the biggest changes you’ve seen since going animal-based? 

“My confidence is at an all-time high. Not having to worry about clothes making you look awful. 

My energy is higher, and my skin is so much better than ever. My mood and sleep have also drastically improved. The positives from going AB are off the charts. I can’t name one negative.”

It’s very common to hear feedback like this from those trying out an animal-based diet. When nutrient-dense foods are prioritized and processed foods are eliminated, energy levels, sleep quality, and mood can all improve.  

How important was weight training and running for your weight loss? 

“Weight training and running play a huge role in my life as well. I started weight training at the same time I went AB. I lift 6X a week now with my wife at 4:45 in the AM before work. It has worked wonders for every part of our relationship and our health. 

Rick on the podium after winning his half marathon

I run 4-5 times a week and had a really great year in running. I won my age group in a half marathon and placed in just about every race I ran last year. Running is my alone time and my therapy. I work out any troubles I have on the pavement of my hometown.”

There you have it! Rick is a glaring example that the desire to make a change and finding your ideal diet & workout routine can lead to amazing results. 

If you missed the first installment of this series, check out the story of how Sarah ditched bloating and improved her skin health with the help of an animal-based diet. 

For help with your weight loss journey, feel free to contact one of our knowledgeable health guides or check out our animal-based community for additional resources. 

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