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Issue #85: 6 animal-based snacks that are perfect for your next adventure

Hello Radical Health Seekers

Now since an animal-based diet is so nutritious, lots of us find ourselves needing to snack a lot less than we used to.

That said, there is definitely room for snacks on an animal-based diet.

Maybe you’re going on an epic road trip, or camping with the kids, and you want convenient, nutritious foods for the journey…

Or maybe you’ve been working out extra hard, and your appetite is screaming out for some tasty food between meals.

The problem is that almost all snacks on the market are ultra-processed, containing multiple problematic ingredients. So for the sake of our radical health, we want to avoid those as much as possible.

This is why those of us committed to an animal-based lifestyle quickly become experts at identifying our favorite go-to snacks and preparing them in advance for travel and work.

CJ is one of the original animal-based veterans from our Community, and here is how she prepares her animal-based snacks before a road trip (hint: mason jars are your friend):

6 animal-based snacks for your next adventure:

#1 Fruit

Fresh fruit is probably the perfect snack.

It doesn’t spoil, requires no preparation, can be carried anywhere, and is delicious!

So many different fruit options are available, from sweet fruits like strawberries, oranges, and pineapples to non-sweet fruits like olives, avocados, and tarter berries.

We always suggest opting for in-season organic fruits where possible.

They taste better in season, and conventional fruits can carry a heavy pesticide load.

#2 Cheese

Cheese, preferably of the raw kind, is an excellent source of many essential nutrients in the most bioavailable form.

Plus, it’s always there in the fridge when you need it.

Just pull it out and bite a hunk out of the block (or be civilized and use a knife 🙂)

Hard cheeses like cheddar, gouda, or parmesan are particularly travel-friendly, as they don’t require refrigeration for short periods and can withstand a bit of warmth.

Try pairing your cheese with apple, grapes, olives, avocado, cold meat or eggs for the perfect animal-based meal on the go!

#3 Hardboiled eggs

It’s so easy to boil a couple of eggs while prepping your dinner.

Then just stick them in the fridge, and hey-presto, you’ve got an incredible animal-based snack for when you need it!

Eggs are the perfect package of quality protein, fats, and essential nutrients.

Combine them with some cheese, avocado, salt or butter for added flavor.

Easy to carry in a small container, hardboiled eggs can be your go-to animal-based snack for a quick nutrient boost anytime, anywhere.

#4 Precooked meats

If you get in the habit of always cooking a little extra meat with your main meals, you’ll never be stuck for a nutritious snack.

Just keep the leftover steak or ground beef in the fridge and grab it when needed.

It’s also perfect if you are traveling and need to bring a more substantial animal-based meal.

One of our Health Guides Zach never travels without one refrigerated steak, one frozen steak (cooked), and 64 ounces of frozen raw milk!

#5 Yogurt 

Yogurt is another delicious food you can keep in your fridge that doesn’t require any prep.

Opt for the full-fat version (tastier and more nutritious), and ideally from an organic and raw milk source if you can get it.

Watch out for flavored or enhanced yogurts, which often contain suspect ingredients and processed sugars.

Instead, flavor it yourself with your favorite fruit and a drizzle of maple syrup!

This provides a delicious, nutrient-packed snack that can easily be carried in a small cooler bag or thermos for freshness.

#6 Lineage Provisions

Now, we’re super excited about this last one.

After spending two years perfecting the ultimate animal-based snack, our founder, Paul Saladino M.D. has recently launched the first grass-fed meat stick with liver and heart.

Lineage contains nothing but grass-fed meat, liver, heart, sea salt, and vinegar in a beef collagen casing, and we can tell you firsthand that they taste amazing 😀

The first batch has sold out, but if you want to stock your cupboard with these incredible animal-based snacks, go here to be notified when they are back in stock!

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That’s all from us this week!

Stay Radical,

The Heart & Soil Team

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